Ashely Banjo net worth

Ashely Banjo net worth

Net Worth: $1 Million

About Ashely Banjo

Ashely Banjo net worth

It has been announced that the current amount of Ashley Banjo net worth reaches 1 million dollars and it is expected that his net worth will increase even more in the upcoming years with more and more job opportunities coming. Ashley Banjo became famous because of his career as a choreographer and dancer, but today he is also known as an actor. Thus, these three careers of his made his name well known in many countries and also increased the total sum of Ashley Banjo net worth. Ashley Banjo became known as the leading dancer of the dance group called “Diversity”, which competed in the show called “Britain’s Got Talent” and won the show.
Ashley Banjo was invited to be a judge on the show called “Got to Dance”, which airs on Sky1. In 2015 he is also expected to become a co-host of the show called “Can’t Touch This” on BBC. Thus, all of these involvements make his name more popular and also add up to the total size of Ashley Banjo net worth.
The dancer was born in 1988 in London. His mother was dancing ballet and his father practiced boxing. His mother is still involved in her son’s career as she is a manager of “Diversity”.

She also has her own dance center called Danceworks Studios. When he was competing on the show “Britain’s Got Talent”, Ashley Banjo was studying at Queen Mary University of London, where he attended biology and physics lessons.
Ashley Banjo stated that he began to dance when he was 14 years old. Ashley Banjo has a girlfriend, who is also a dancer, Francesca Abbott, who is a member of “Out of the Shadows” dance troupe. The couple has been dating for six years. In 2015 they got married. Ashley Banjo today is also an Official Ambassador of the United Dance Organisation.
In 2007 he considered dancing as his future job and with the help from his brother created a dance troupe called “Swift Moves”. They were joined by nine more friends. Later, the group renamed themselves to “Diversity” – which became the main source of his fame as well as Ashley Banjo net worth. Before they competed on the show, the troupe was already winning competition and titles, such as winning the Street Dance Weekend 2007 competition. As himself, Ashley Banjo appeared in many TV shows following their winning, such as “Celebrity Juice”, “Got to Dance” and “This Morning”, in addition to many others.

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ashely banjo net worth ashely banjo net worth

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