August Alsina net worth

August Alsina net worth

Net Worth: $4 Million

About August Alsina

August Alsina net worth

As for the day, August Alsina net worth is approximately equal to $4 million. This may not seem a lot compared to the fortunes of some other hip hop or R&B artists, such as Jay-Z or Beyoncé, but it is worth noting this recording artist has just started his career. Ok, it is not like yesterday was the first time he has picked up a mic, but he’s only been known for some three years or so. So let’s take a look at the earliest stage of August’s career and see where his fortune came from.
It all started in 2011, when the artist has released his first untitled mix tape. During the next couple years, four more mixtapes has followed: The Product, August Alsina University, Throwback and The Product 2. Around the same time as the last of these records was finished, in 2013, Alsina released his first extended play, titled Downtown: Life Under the Gun. The record achieved moderate commercial success, peaking at No. 68 on Billboard 200. What might be even more important, most hip hop, soul and R&B critics were rater positive about it. For example, writing for AllMusic, Andy Kellman has stated: “Although he now has as much arrogance as anyone else on contemporary R&B radio, his lingering pain remains, punctuated by a handful of between-song monologues that are all the more chilling for being expressed in a matter-of-fact tone.

The gritty realism in ballads like “Hell on Earth” and “Nobody Knows” hints at future greatness. He’s singing about his life, not romanticizing it.”
August Alsina net worth growth intensified in 2014, as he released his first studio album, titled Testimony. The album topped R&B and hip hop charts in the United States, as well as in the United Kingdom, and charted in several other countries. As for the day, Testimony has distributed over 200 thousand copies in the United States alone. Moreover, it definitely added to his success in BET Awards. As you may know, in 2014 Alsina has won Best Male R&B/Pop Artist and Coca-Cola Viewers’ Choice Award. This year was nominated for the Best Male R&B/Pop Artist Award too, but fell short of support.
Now I am pretty sure that August Alsina net worth is not the only thing you care about, so here is a couple more personal things about this artist. First of all, Lauryn Hill, most famous for her work with the band The Fugees, was one of the most influential singers in his life. In fact, Alsina is quoted saying that he started thinking about the career in music after seeing her perform in Sister Act 2. Second, as many of the currently famous rap and hip hop artists, August had a pretty troubled family. Both of his parents were cocaine addicts. Sadly, this addiction has cost his father his life. Hope we answered most of your questions about this August Alsina!

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