Axl Rose net worth

Axl Rose net worth

Net Worth: $150 Million

About Axl Rose

Axl Rose net worth

W. Axl Rose, born William Bruce Rose is musician, singer and song writer, best known as the leading vocal of the legendary American hard rock band Guns’N’Roses. William is currently the only member of the group that remains in the position since the group was founded in 1985. Axl was entitled on one of the greatest singers in the history by various magazines, including NME and Rolling Stone. Axl Rose net worth is currently estimated at $150 million.

William was born in Indiana to a sixteen year old Sharon Lintner and four year older William Bruce Rose. Axl’s father walked on him and his teenage mother when the boy was only 2 year old. At that time his single mother barely managed to feed her baby and nobody could have dream that one day Axl Rose net worth will be $150 million. His mother eventually remarried Stephen L. Bailey and William was given his family name.

When all this happened Axl was so young, later he could not remember his biological father and thought that Stephen was his real dad until he turned 17. He never got to see Bruce again, before he was found murdered in 1984.

Axl’s step-father was extremely religious and forced his children to attend church at least three times per week, although there were periods when they visited the church every single day. William started to sing in a church choir when he was five-year-old.

Two other kids in the Bailey family were also talented for music, and soon William and his siblings started to perform in the services under the name Bailey Trio. Of course, these performances were free and did not boost Axl Rose net worth, but it sure did help to improve his singing. William’s relationship with his step-father was always tense, to say the least. Thus when he found out Bailey is not his biological father he started introducing himself as W. Rose. You’re wondering where the name Axl comes from? Well that’s how Guns’N’Roses was called at the time William decided to change his name.

Guns’N’Roses was formed in California in 1985. Two years later a band released its first album Appetite for Destruction. At first the album didn’t seem to amaze neither critics nor the audience. Only 500 thousand copies were sold during the year after the record’s release. However, due to the numerous tours and the success of their single “Sweet Child O’Mine”, eventually the album gained popular recognition and even became the most wanted album of the month twice: first in the August 1988 and again in February the next year. To date, 28 million copies of Appetite for Destruction have been sold, adding a solid sum to the current Axl Rose net worth.

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axl rose net worth axl rose net worth

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