Axl Rose plastic surgery

Axl Rose plastic surgery

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Axl Rose plastic surgery

For some people it might seem strange but nowadays plastic surgery becomes more and more popular among not only female, but also male celebrities. Recently there have been some rumors about possible Axl Rose plastic surgery. For those who don’t know, Axl Rose is the lead singer in a famous rock band “Guns and Roses” which is known all over the world.

Having in mind that Axl Rose is in his early 50s, he looks very youthful. This is probably the main reason why people started to form various Axl Rose plastic surgery rumors. If we look at some of the more recent photos of this artist, we can see that his face skin is completely smooth and there are almost no visible wrinkles seen on his face – this usually indicates that a person is using Botox injections. There were also some speculations about possible face lift procedure. Nobody knows for sure, but even Axl Rose fans have noticed that his appearance has changed.

Axl Rose himself has neither confirmed nor denied any of the rumors about his possible plastic surgery. However, if we look at the photos of how he looked in his early days and how he looks like now, we can clearly see that his face has changed.

One way or another, Axl Rose plastic surgery isn’t an example of plastic surgery gone wrong. He was a handsome man when he was younger and he is also a handsome man now, even after possible plastic surgeries. Nowadays we hear a lot of stories about plastic surgeries that went wrong, for example Mickey Rourke plastic surgery. At least for now, it seems that Axl Rose has been lucky with his plastic surgery and the procedures that he has possibly gotten have only made him look more youthful without ruining his appearance.

All things considered, we can state that there is a big possibility that at least some of the rumors about Axl Rose plastic surgery are true. There are some changes in his appearance that can only be explained as a result of plastic surgery. There is no way his face could look so youthful naturally. Either way, these surgeries haven’t made him any less handsome. However, if he continues to surgically alter his appearance, he might end up ruining his natural good looks. We can only hope that he will know when to stop and eventually will decide to age gracefully.

Did Axl Rose Undergone Plastic Surgery

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