Baby Bash net worth

Baby Bash net worth

Net Worth: $12 Million

About Baby Bash

Baby Bash net worth

It has been reported that the overall amount of Baby Bash net worth is as much as 12 million dollars. He became famous because of his career as a rapper. He has American and Mexican origins. In the period of 1995-1998 he was mostly known by his other nickname, that being Baby Beesh. At that time he was signed to Dope House Records. Some time later he decided to change the second word of his nickname into Bash, and this is how he is known today.

The first album of his was called “On Tha Cool”. His second album was called “Tha Smokin’ Nephew”. In this album, a couple of singles were included, such as “Shorty Doowop” and “Suga Suga”. In 2005, his third album was released called “Super Saucy”. In this album, another single was included, which was a joined effort with Akon, called “Baby I’m Back”. Two years later, another album of Baby Bash was released called “Cyclone”. The single of the same title was released, which was a joined effort with T-Pain. Another single which was included in the same album was called “What Is It”, which featured Sean Kingston.

The single has also placed in Billboard charts. The sales of all these mentioned albums have also added up revenues to the overall amount of Baby Bash net worth.

In addition to his solo work, he has also worked with other musicians in the industry. Examples of them could be 3rd Wish, Frankie J and Paula DeAnda. Thus, collaborations have also added up to the total size of Baby Bash net worth. Other well known singers with whom Baby Bash got a chance to work include Akon, Natalie, C-Bo, Nate Dogg and B-Legit. Baby Bash is also a well known song writer and as such he has also written a couple of songs for Paula DeAnda, Frankie J and Jennifer Hudson. Thus, this involvement has also increased the total size of Baby Bash net worth.

Baby Bash was born in 1975. He grew up in a care of his grandmother. It was his father and uncles who showed him what he is able to do in music. Thus, he has learnt a lot of things from these people too. However, before he started his career in music, Baby Bash wanted to become a professional basketball player. However, he suffered an ankle injury, because of which he had to stop this career.

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