Barbara Hershey plastic surgery

Barbara Hershey plastic surgery

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Barbara Hershey plastic surgery

Nowadays, when plastic surgery has become so professional and popular, rumors about possible plastic surgery are following practically every celebrity. People started speculating about possible Barbara Hershey plastic surgery when they have noticed some changes in her appearance. Barbara Hershey is a famous Hollywood actress. During her career she has appeared in many successful movies and has earned an Emmy, Golden Globe and Academy Award.

Most of the rumors regarding Barbara Hershey plastic surgery started after her appearance in “Beaches”. It was very obvious that she has had filler injected into her lips – they have suddenly become fuller and swollen. Actress didn’t even try to deny it and has confirmed that she has had Collagen injections. However, these injections was a one-time thing done specially for her role in that movie. Later her lips became normal again. There were some speculations about face lift procedure and Botox injections, but these rumors have never been confirmed.

If we look at some of the more recent photos of Barbara Hershey, we can see that her face looks smooth and wrinkle-less, which could have only been achieved with a little plastic surgery, having in mind that she is already in her 60s.

If she would be aging naturally, we could see at least a little wrinkles around her eyes. Also, some people have noticed that her forehead doesn’t show any emotions and looks quite frozen – this often happens when people are using Botox injections. One way or another, she is still a beautiful actress and these plastic surgeries were done in order to subtly fix her appearance without making drastic changes in her appearance. Nowadays we can see a lot of examples of celebrities who have ruined their appearance with too much plastic surgery, but Barbara Hershey certainly isn’t one of them.

All things considered, we can safely say that at least some of the rumors about Barbara Hershey plastic surgery are true. There is no doubt that she has had a lip fillers procedure in the past. Also, it seems highly possible that she has had a face lift and Botox injections in order to look as youthful as she does now. Actress is in her 60s, but she looks at least 20 years younger – it is not possible to maintain this without plastic surgery. There is always a risk that something might go wrong, but at least for now Barbara Hershey looks beautiful and hasn’t yet become a bad plastic surgery celebrity.

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