Barry Bonds net worth

Barry Bonds net worth

Net Worth: $80 Million

About Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds net worth

Barry Bonds is a well known baseball star. It has been estimated that the current amount of Barry Bonds net worth reaches a sum of 80 million dollars. Now, Barry Bonds is not active in baseball anymore, however, it was the sport which made him an internationally known baseball player and brought a huge fortune to Barry Bonds net worth, as well. He was a star on Major League Baseball, where he played for more than 20 seasons. He started playing it professionally in the league in 1986 and retired in 2007. During all his career as a baseball player, Barry Bonds achieved a lot and set some world records, too.

The first seven years in the league Barry Bonds was playing in the team of Pittsburgh Pirates. After those seven years, Barry Bonds joined the team of San Francisco Giants, where he played for 15 years. Thus, playing in both of these teams added a lot of financial success to Barry Bonds net worth.

In addition, his father was also involved into playing baseball and this might be also the reason why Barry Bonds also got involved in the game. His father is Bobby Bonds, who was All-Star outfielder in the major league.

Barry Bonds followed in his father’s footsteps successfully and became one of the most successful baseball players in the history of sports.

He has achieved a lot during his 22 year career in baseball. Barry Bonds was named All-Star baseball player 14 times and won Gold Glove Award 8 times. In addition, Barry Bonds was the winner of the National League Most Valuable Player of the Year seven times. Talking about records which he set, Barry Bonds is the one who set the records for most home runs, most walks, most home runs in a single season and most intentional walks. Thus, with such huge achievements, it is obvious that Barry Bonds net worth increased a lot.

However, in addition to his successful baseball career, Barry Bonds has also been a quite controversial figure. A lot of scandals about him were surrounded due to the use of steroids. He was charged with lying to the judge that he did not take any steroids, although in reality he actually did. In 2011, Barry Bonds was convicted. Moreover, despite he has been so successful in the baseball, his name was never inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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