Beanie Sigel net worth

Beanie Sigel net worth

Net Worth: $100 Thousand

About Beanie Sigel

Beanie Sigel net worth

Beanie Sigel is known as a rapper in the entertainment industry, which is the main source of Beanie Sigel net worth, which has been claimed to reach 100 thousand dollars. He is known as one of the most successful rappers from Pennsylvania. He is known as a rapper, who was initially signed to two record labels, those being Rock-a-Fella Records and Dame Dash Music Group. When he was signed to these labels, Beanie Sigel also made some important connections with popular artists in music industry, including Jay-Z and Freeway. His nickname Beanie Sigel refers to a street in Pennsylvania, where he spent a lot of his time.

On an international scale, more than 2 million copies of his album have been sold and such huge sales also increased the total amount of Beanie Sigel net worth.

Also, Beanie Sigel has also had some controversies. He released a song in which he dissed his former mentor Jay-Z, the song being called “I Go Off”. Also, 50-Cent was featured in this track. In fact, in 2009 50-Cent signed Beanie Sigel with the G-Unit Record Label.

In 2011, Beanie Sigel was featured in an album by Travis Barker, the album being called “Give the Drummer Some”. Also, Beanie Sigel stated that his appearance on this album would be the last one in his career as a rapper, since he decided to quit his involvement in music industry. In 2011, it was stated that Beanie Sigel apologized to a previous insulted mentor of his, Jay-Z. However, in contradiction, in one interview, Beanie Sigel stated that he has never apologized to him and that he was still involved into music.

In addition to his involvement into rapping, Beanie Sigel is also known as an actor, which is also an important source of accumulating Beanie Sigel net worth. His first appearance as an actor was in a documentary movie called “Backstage”. However, the first time he appeared as a leading actor was in a movie called “State Property” and also he appeared in a sequel of it, “State Property 2”. In 2002, Beanie Sigel appeared alongside Kevin Hart in a film called “Paper Soldiers”. In 2005, Beanie Sigel also appeared on his own DVD called “The B. Coming of Beanie Sigel”, which was a part of his third album called “The B. Coming”. Therefore, his appearances as an actor also added up to the overall sum of Beanie Sigel net worth.

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