Bear Grylls net worth

Bear Grylls net worth

Net Worth: $6 Million

About Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls net worth

Bear Grylls is a British TV star, writer and also adventurer and these sources have been very important in accumulating Bear Grylls net worth, which currently reaches 6 million dollars. Mostly, Bear Grylls is known for his television series called “Man vs Wild”. In the United Kingdom, the show is also known as being called “Born Survivor”. Although the show ended in 2011, it for sure added a lot of financial success to the total sum of Bear Grylls net worth.

In addition, Bear Grylls is known to be one of the creators of TV shows in both the United States and the United Kingdom, which are related to wild and man’s adventures in it. In 2009, Bear Grylls was appointed as the Chief Scout, which made him the youngest one to get such a title, when he was 35 years old.

Bear Grylls was educated in three different institutions – Ludgrove School, Eton College and Eaton House. In fact, when he was studying at Eton College, there he helped to establish its first ever mountaineering club. Thus, when he was studying, Bear Grylls was already showing signs of his interest in adventures and wilderness.

In 2002, Bear Grylls graduated from University of London, where he was a student of Hispanic sciences.

When he was a little boy, Bear Grylls learn a lot of skills from his father, such as sailing and climbing. His father was a member of the prestigious club of Royal Yacht Squadron. When he was a teenager, Bear Grylls learnt how to skydive and also took karate lessons. Bear Grylls is able to fluently communicate in Spanish, English and French. Bear Grylls is also known as a devout Christian and he stated that this faith has been the ‘backbone’ of his life.

His interest into adventures, which adds a lot of revenues to Bear Grylls net worth is not the only interesting thing to the public. His personal relationships are also interesting. He has been married to Cannings Knight since 2000 and with her he has three kids, Huckleberry, Marmaduke and Jesse.

When he left school, Bear Grylls was involved into hiking Himalayan Mountains. Soon, he was also admitted to the Territorial Army, initially wanting to become a part of the Indian Army. However, his career as an adventurer has not been without unfortunate incidents. One of them happened in 1996, when Bear Grylls suffered a parachute accident when he was freefalling from 4.900 meters. As a result of the fall, three vertebrae of the adventurer were crushed.

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