Beckham net worth

Beckham net worth

Net Worth: $300 Million

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Beckham net worth

Victoria Beckham net worth currently amounts to $300 million. She is best known as the former member of the legendary band Spice Girls, which gained prominence during the early 1990s. Following their formation in 1993, each of the girls that constituted the group developed a unique persona. Victoria has formed her image as a “Posh Spice”. The band’s first album, entitled Spice, was released in 1996 and distributed more than 20 million copies all over the world, adding a solid sum to Beckham net worth. After establishing herself as a singer Victoria decided to explore her long-lasting love of fashion and became a designer. In 2004 she launched a line of trendy jeans, entitled VB Rocks. Three years later the starlet reunited with her former band-mates.
The singer was born in Hertfordshire, in 1974. Following the breakthrough of Spice Girls she became a centre of media attention. Where Victoria and her husband David Beckham went, whatever they did, it seemed like paparazzi are following them one step behind. Already having lost their right for privacy, the couple came to the conclusion that at least they could try to make the best of their publicity by capitalizing on their broad exposure.

Rationalizing like this, Victoria launched her own fashion brand, consisting of perfume, sunglasses and clothing. Back in the day the couple was so popular, anything that carried their family name on the label was sold out immediately. Meanwhile, Victoria’s business flourished, boosting Beckham net worth by one million after another.
But how did Victoria ascend to stardom on the first place? Born and raised in a well-off family, the girl attended ballet classes since she was four. Since the age of seventeen she has developed her dancing skills at Lane Arts Theatre College. As she turned 20, the future starlet moved to the capital, hoping to achieve a success on stage. A breakthrough in her professional career came up in the early 1990s, as she answered to the advertisement placed by Chris Hebert, who was looking for hard working and energetic young woman to form a girl band. Victoria must have left a great impression on this manager, as she was chosen out of four hundred women who expressed their interest in joining the group. The band acquired its final composition in 1993, as Melanie Brown, Gerri Halliwell, Melanie Chisholm and Emma Bunton joined Victoria in the rehearsing room.
Soon it became clear that the girls have a different vision of the band than their producer does. Instead of going into compromises and dancing to Chris’ tune, they decided to break with him and sign with another manager, Brian Fuller. Following this, the fortune never stopped following the band and Beckham net worth grew greater every day.

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