Ben Baller net worth

Ben Baller net worth

Net Worth: $4.5 Million

About Ben Baller

Ben Baller net worth

It has been reported that Ben Baller net worth is as high as 4.5 million dollars. He is known as a Korean businessman and he is a jeweler, who represents Icee Fresh Jewels. He has accumulated his net worth through the sales of his jewelry designs. This is considered the most important source of Ben Baller net worth. He is referred to as ‘baller’ due to the fact that when he was studying in high school, he played college ball and little high school ball.

In addition to being involved into jewelry business, Ben Baller is also known as being involved into music industry. Between the years 1993-2004, he was working as a DJ. In addition to that, Ben Baller is also a record executive. He has worked with many high profile stars, such as Jay-Z and Dr. Dre.

Moreover, Ben Baller is known as a sneaker collector and an owner of many different pairs of kicks. His most favorite brand of sneakers is known to be Nike. Also, his collection of kicks added to his fame.

Talking more about his involvement into music industry, Ben Baller is also known as being a diamond music executive, which started in 2004.

Before that, he was known as a platinum music releaser. Thus, his involvement into music also increased the overall amount of Ben Baller net worth.

Also, with his uncle and cousin, Ben Baller launched “Icee Fresh”. His family has been involved into jewelry business for 35 years, however, it was not until Ben Baller’s involvement, which added a brand new wave to their jewelry industry. Thus, with his accomplishments in this field, Ben Baller net worth increased, as well. Ben Baller’s technique was to make big stars wear their jewelry necklaces. Usually, such jewelry is known to be quite massive and decorated in diamonds. Amongst many of his clients, such stars as belonging to the NBA, NFL and hip hop music industry are ones of the most regular ones. In addition, Jonas Bevacqua is also known as a client of Icee Fresh Jewels.

Although Ben Baller seems quite cheeky and talking in a ridiculous manner, he is actually a well educated businessman. He was studying at UC Berkeley and is known to be a son of history professor at UCLA. Thus, Ben Baller has been involved in quite many different branches of entertainment industry, ranging from fashion to music.

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ben baller net worth ben baller net worth ben baller net worth

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