Ben Savage net worth

Ben Savage net worth

Net Worth: $12 Million

About Ben Savage

Ben Savage net worth

It has been reported that Ben Savage net worth reaches 12 million dollars, which makes him one of the millionaires in the acting business. He has appeared in productions made for both TV and big screen. Ben Savage started to gain attention when he was still a child. Between the years 1980-1990, Ben Savage was a well known child star, and this involvement also started to accumulate Ben Savage net worth.

Between the years 1993-2000, Ben Savage appeared in a TV show called “Boy Meets World”, where he got a leading role of Cory Matthews. This show added a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Ben Savage net worth, as well.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Ben Savage has two siblings, who are also involved into entertainment industry. His brother Fred Savage is a film director and actor, whereas his sister Kala Savage is both actress and musician.

In 1989, Ben Savage appeared for the first time in a film. It was in a film called “Little Monsters”. At that time he was nine years old. Later, he appeared in several other films, such as “Clifford” and “Big Girls Don’t Cry… They Get Even”.

Also, he was appearing in Pasadena Playhouse, where his stage debut was in a production of “The Laughter Epidemic”.

However, he got most attention when he started to appear in productions made for TV. Also, it was these appearances, which increased mostly the overall amount of Ben Savage net worth. As it was mentioned previously, the role which added the most was on the TV show called “Boy Meets World”. He appeared in almost 160 episodes of the show. In addition, his brother Fred Savage also appeared in one episode of this show.

At the same time when he was appearing on the TV show “Boy Meets World”, Ben Savage appeared in a couple of movies, including “McDonald’s Family Theater Presents: Aliens for Breakfast” in 1995 and “She Woke Up” in 1992. Moreover, Ben Savage received a lot of critical acclaim for his appearance in the show called “Wild Palms” in 1993, in which he played a role of a boy, who looked like an angel but had a soul of a devil. In 2002, he appeared in another movie called “Swimming Upstream”, which was a PG-13 film.

Later, for three years, Ben Savage took a break in productions made for both TV and big screen. In 2006, he came back with his appearance in a movie called “Palo Alto”.

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ben savage net worth ben savage net worth ben savage net worth

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