Ben Stein net worth

Ben Stein net worth

Net Worth: $20 Million

About Ben Stein

Ben Stein net worth

Ben Stein is a well known person in entertainment and politics. He is known as an actor as well as a commentator on political issues and these two involvements have been serving as major sources of Ben Stein net worth, which has been announced to currently be as high as 20 million dollars. In addition to those two mentioned careers, Ben Stein is also known for his other activities, such as being a lawyer and a writer. The first time he began to get attention was when he became a writer for speeches of Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon.

However, since that time, he became popular not only because of this career. Ben Stein became a well known actor, comedian and commentator on political matters. Thus, these careers have also added up to the overall amount of Ben Stein net worth. Ben Stein has also been a well known face from Comedy Central channel, where he was appearing on the show called “Win Ben Stein’s Money”. For his appearance on this show, Ben Stein was even awarded with the Emmy award. Thus, acting has not only added up to Ben Stein net worth, but it also earned him a couple of prestigious awards.

Ben Stein was born in 1944 in Washington, D. C. Ben Stein graduated from Yale Law School and Columbia College. When he graduated, he got a job of a poverty lawyer and later worked up his way up to Federal Trade Commission, where he worked as a trial lawyer.

At the same time, Ben Stein also got famous due to his abilities to write speeches and amongst the clients he had the most popular ones have been American presidents, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. In addition to that, Ben Stein is also known as a column writer and as such he has been writing articles for the magazines, such as The American Spectator, Barron’s Magazine, New York Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Newsmax, The New York Times and Los Angeles magazine. In his columns, he is usually discussing subjects, such as political, economic and social matters.

Moreover, he is also known as a financial advisor to private investors. Thus, these careers also play a huge role when it comes to adding up to the overall amount of Ben Stein net worth. Later, he made a decision to get involved into show business and become an actor, which also proved to be not less of a success to him.

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