Betty White net worth

Betty White net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Betty White

Betty White net worth

Betty White, full name Betty Marion White Ludden is a senior American Actress, singer, comedian, television personality and author. Her career started more than 70 years ago on an experimental Los Angeles channel. Contemporary audience knows her for the portrayal of Rose Nylund on sitcom The Golden Girls and Sue Ann Nivens on the program The Marry Tyler Moore Show. Since 2010, when her friend and colleague Rue McClanahan passed away, Betty is the only remaining Golden Girl. Although 90 years old, White is still continuing her acting career on Hot on Cleveland and hosts her own show Betty White’s Off Their Rockets. Betty White net worth is currently estimated at $15 million.

Betty was born in Illinois, in 1922. Her mother, Tess Curtis was a homemaker, while her father, Horace Lawrence White, was an electric engineer and a traveling salesman. Tess’ ancestors came from Wales, England and Greece, Horace was half Danish and half English. Like nearly everyone in America, Betty’s family was hit by the Great depression in the early 1930. The whole family left Illinois and moved to Los Angeles, to look for better life there.

Betty started practicing acting and writing while studying in Beverly Hills High School. Actually, at the time the girl dreamed about becoming an author and play writer, while acting was just her side hobby. She realized that acting is her true passion after appearing in her own play which she wrote for the graduation ceremony. Judging from the current Betty White net worth, concentrating on acting was a right decision.

In 1939, Betty’s debuted on Los Angeles experimental channel, singing the songs from The Merry Widow. She was soon offered a regular job in Bliss Hayden Little Theatre and started modeling for extra cash. By that time America has already recovered from the Great Depression and everything in her life seemed to be going perfectly well, but soon the war broke out. When the United States entered the World War II, White joined American Woman’s Voluntary Service. During this period she continued to work on the radio, appearing on the shows This Is Your FBI, The Great Gildersleeve and Blondie. Betty White net worth growth shifted to the high gear when she got to host her own show. By the end of the decade White was offered a job on TV, where she co-hosted Hollywood on Television. Her acting career took off in early 1950, when Betty landed a main role in television series Life with Elizabeth. This job garnered Betty her firs Emmy for the best Actress. In the following decades this actress appeared on tends of movies, each adding a little bit to Betty White net worth.

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betty white net worth betty white net worth betty white net worth

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