Big Show net worth

Big Show net worth

Net Worth: $20 Million

About Big Show

Big Show net worth

It has been announced that the current estimate of Big Show net worth is as high as 20 million dollars, as the current calculations have shown. Big Show initially became known as a wrestler and later he also became an actor. These two careers of him are also considered as the main sources of his popularity as well as Big Show net worth. Big Show was promoted by the World Wrestling Entertainment, where he worked on its SmackDown brand.

The wrestler was born in 1972 in South Carolina and his real birth name is Paul Randall Wight Jr. Currently, he is still known to be wrestling in the WWE. Thus, this organization is still amongst the main sources of Big Show net worth. In the ring, Big Show is usually referred to as the giant wrestler since he is 7 feet tall and weighs 441 pounds.

In 1995, Big Show debuted as a professional wrestler at World Championship Wrestling. In this organization, he proved to be one of the most successful wrestlers of all time. In 1999, Big Show signed a contract with WWE, which stated that he would be competing in this organization for 10 years. During this amount of time, of course, Big Show net worth has increased by a mile, as he proved to be one of the most successful wrestlers in this organization, as well.

Big Show also became the only wrestler who became a winner of ECW Championship, WCW Championship two times and WWE Championship two times, too.

In addition to his work as a wrestler, Big Show is also known as an actor. This career has also added up to his fame, as he has starred in some Hollywood production and well known movies. All in all, Big Show has appeared in 7 feature movies. In 1996, he appeared in his first movie, which was called “Reggie’s Prayer”. Other movies in which he appeared and from which he is well known include “Little Hercules”, “The Waterboy”, “Knucklehead” and “Jingle All the Way”, in the latter he appeared the same year as he debuted in the acting industry and appeared in his first movie, “Reggie’s Prayer”.

He is also known for his personal life. Big Show has been married two times. Today, he is living with his second wife named Bess Katramados. With her, he has two kids, and from his first marriage he has one kid.

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big show net worth big show net worth big show net worth

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