Bill Burr net worth

Bill Burr net worth

Net Worth: $4 Million

About Bill Burr

Bill Burr net worth

Bill Burr is a well known American actor as well as a stand-up comedian. It has been announced that the current sum of Bill Burr net worth is 4 million dollars, as of right now. In 2008, Bill Burr voiced a character in a game called Grand Theft Auto IV, which proved to be a success all around the world. Thus, this involvement also has played a huge role in accumulating Bill Burr wealth, thus increasing the overall amount of Bill Burr net worth, as well. In this game, Bill Burr is voicing the character of Jason Michaels, who is a member of the biker gang called The Lost MC. His character is appearing on the mission called “No Love Lost”. One year later, he voiced the same character in the expanded version of the game, which was titled The Lost and Damned.

In 2010, his show called “Let It Go” was aired on the Comedy Central channel. The show was filmed in San Francisco. In 2012, Bill Burr filmed another special, which was titled “You People Are All the Same”, the show was aired on the Netflix network. Therefore, being a comedian has added a lot of financial success to the overall estimate of Bill Burr net worth, too.

People, who are interested into stand-up comedy, know that sometimes Bill Burr is also called the ‘comedian’s comedian’. This means that Bill Burr is a comedian, whose work in this sphere is noticed and appreciated by other people involved in the same area – comedians.

Bill Burr has also appeared in a couple of Hollywood movies. One of such movies was called “Date Night”, where Bill Burr got a role of Detective Walsh. Moreover, Bill Burr was casted for the role of Patrick Kuby on the show called “Breaking Bad”, where he starred in the show’s 4th and 5th seasons. Therefore, his work on TV is also regarded as one of the main sources of accumulating Bill Burr net worth. In 2013, he appeared in another Hollywood movie called “The Heat”.

In 2007, Bill Burr stated his show on podcast, where he is discussing various issues and also talking about his life, his interest into sports and other things. The show is titled “Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast”. Moreover, sometimes his wife named Nia Hill also joins him by appearing on his show. In addition to his own show, Bill Burr is also known as a guest on other podcasts produced by fellow comedians, such as The Adam Carolla Show.

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