Bill Clinton net worth

Bill Clinton net worth

Net Worth: $80 Million

About Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton net worth

Bill Clinton was elected to be the President of the United States in 1992, after the victory against George H. W. Bush; ant took the office in 1993. The citizens of the US gave him approval again in 1997, thus the 42nd president of the United States served his country for two terms. Bill Clinton net worth is estimated to be around $80 million dollars, making him one of the wealthiest presidents of the US.

Bill was born in Arkansas, in a family of Virginia Dell Cassidy and William Jefferson Blythe Jr. His real name as given by his parents was William Jefferson Blythe III. Unfortunately, Blythe Jr. did not live to see his sun, he passed away before Bill was born. After that Virginia left her son at his grandparents’ house and drove to New Orleans to study in a nursing school. Luckily for little Bill, Edith and Eldridge Cassidy were great people. They had a small grocery shop and although a strong racial tension was felt in the south at the time, Cassidy’s allowed to take food on credit for everyone, despite their race. Edith and Eldridge were not rich and could not have dreamed that their grandchild Bill Clinton net worth will one day reach such heights.

It was not long before Bills mother came back to Arkansas and got married to Roger Clinton, who owned an automobile dealership. Bill loved his stepfather and when he turned fourteen years old changed his surname to Clinton in honor of Roger. Bill Clinton has known his future lies with politics since he was a teenager. Already back in college he did an internship at Senator’s J. William Fulbright’s office. He later graduated from prestigious Oxford University College and went to Yale Law School. That is where he met his future wife, Hilary Rodham.

Bill Clinton started his career as Arkansas Attorney General in 1976. Since then it only took him two years to win the hearts of Arkansas citizens and become the youngest Governor in the United States. Although this should be considered a great achievement, salary of the Governor helped to build only a small portion of the current Bill Clinton net worth. As a Governor of Arkansas State, Clinton first focused on healthcare and education reforms. That is when he became popular nationwide. Already back in 1988 some of the members of Democratic Party have tried to convince Bill Clinton to run for presidency, however at that time he did not feel ready for that. Bill Clinton ran for presidency in 1992 and won.

Despite various scandals and a number of allegations of sexual misconduct Clinton remained extremely popular for both his terms in the White House and left the office with an approval rating of 66%, making him the most popular president since the Second World War. It was this popularity that helped Bill to earn his fortunes. Since the beginning of his presidency to this day Clinton has published four well sold books and gave hundreds of speeches, sometimes receiving more than $100.000 for one of them. That’s where Bill Clinton net worth primarily comes from.

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Bill Clinton net worth Bill Clinton net worth

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