Bill Cosby net worth

Bill Cosby net worth

Net Worth: $450 Million

About Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby net worth

Bill Cosby, real name William Henry Cosby, is a popular comedian, actor, producer, author and a musician. Bill became famous with the 60s show I Spy and reached the top of his career with a situation comedy The Bill Cosby Show. Bill Cosby net worth is currently estimated at $450 million, making him one of the wealthiest stand-up comedians in the United States.

Bill was born in Philadelphia, in a family of a maid Anna Pearl and U.S. Navy sailor William Henry Cosby. As his teachers recalled, the boy always loved making people laugh and was good at it. Actually, it seems like back at school Bill was great at everything except studying. He was a class president, a captain of baseball and track and field teams, a good basketball and football player and an actor in the school dramas. At that time Bill Cosby net worth was not much above zero thus the boy used to work before and after school in order to help his parents feed their four children. During this period Cosby has had to shine shoes, sell various products and work as a loader. With all these extra activities Cosby did not manage to concentrate on his lessons and failed the tenth great.

After that Cosby decided not to continue his studies and found a job at a shoe repair shop instead.

Bill’s opinion on the importance of education and his priorities in life changed while he was serving in the army and working with seriously injured warriors. When Cosby came back home he finished high school via correspondence courses and got into the Temple University. Cosby’s professional career started in the early 60s, when he started to perform as a stand-up comedian in the various gigs and clubs. In the 1993 Bill got invited to appear on The Tonight Show. After this national exposure it was not long before Bill Cosby net worth and popularity started to grow at the speed of light. In 1963 he was offered a contract with Warner Bros. Records Inc., a major American recording label. The company helped Cosby to release his debut comedy album Bill Cosby Is a Very Funny Fellow…Right!

The audience loved Bill’s comedy if only for one reason: contrary to most stand-up comedians of that time, Bill did not use controversial, political or overly vulgar material and based his jokes primarily on his childhood memories. After the success of this album Warner Bros offered Bill to release the series of his records. The sales from these albums made a modest contribution to the current Bill Cosby net worth, but it made him famous all over the States and paved the ground for an impressive career, which now spans over five decades.

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bill cosby net worth bill cosby net worth

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