Bill Lawrence net worth

Bill Lawrence net worth

Net Worth: $150 Million

About Bill Lawrence

Bill Lawrence net worth

Bill Lawrence is one of the most talented and richest TV producers as it has been claimed that the current size of Bill Lawrence net worth reaches as high as 150 million dollars. In addition to being a producer, he is also a screenwriter and director. Bill Lawrence is mostly recognized as the one who created the popular TV series called “Scrubs”. He has worked as a co-creator of some other TV series, such as “Spin City” and “Cougar Town”. Thus, as these series became huge successes, they also added up a lot of revenues to the total estimate of Bill Lawrence net worth.
Bill Lawrence was one of the people who worked on the animated program called “Clone High”. In addition to producing the program, he also appeared on it as a voice actor. Furthermore, Bill Lawrence was one of the creators of the TBS production called “Ground Floor”. In addition, Bill Lawrence has worked as a writer for quite a few other series and shows, including “The Nanny”, “Boy Meets World” and “Friends”. Therefore, all of these productions have made his name even more known and also increased the overall sum of Bill Lawrence net worth.

In fact, he even has his own production company called Doozer.
Born in 1968, Bill Lawrence was a student at the College of William & Mary, from which he graduated with a degree in English. After graduation, he got his first job as a writer on the TV show called “Billy” on ABC. In 1996, for a short period of time, he was working as a writer for “Champs”. One of the first shows, which he helped to create, was “Spin City” on ABC. He worked on the show with Gary David Goldberg. The original cast member of “Spin City” was Michael J. Fox, who played the role of the deputy mayor of New York City. The show became a huge success and it was on air for six seasons. Moreover, it became a recipient of four Golden Globe Awards and one Primetime Emmy Award.
Then, he worked on another show, called “Scrubs”, the focus of which was a hospital staff. In 2001, the first episode of the series was broadcasted. Overall, nine seasons of it were filmed. Seven seasons aired on NBC and two others on ABC. In addition to creating “Scrubs”, he was also working as its producer, director and writer. Thus, these series have also added up to the total estimate of Bill Lawrence net worth. “Scrubs” was nominated for 17 Emmy Awards and received much critical praise.
Then, he worked on creating the MTV show called “Clone High” with Chris Miller and Phil Lord. However, the show was short lived as only one season of it was filmed, which consisted of 13 episodes. In 2005, Bill Lawrence worked on a pilot episode of the series called “Nobody’s Watching”, which, however, was not successful. In 2009, another creation of Bill Lawrence went on air, called “Cougar Town”. These series were broadcasted on ABC in the period of 2009-2012.

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