Bill Maher net worth

Bill Maher net worth

Net Worth: $23 Million

About Bill Maher

Bill Maher net worth

Bill Maher, real name William Maher, is an American political commentator, stand-up comedian, television host, actor and author. Bill became widely recognized as a host of the late-night talk show Politically Incorrect, which was syndicated from 1993 to 2002. He is currently hosting a similar program entitled Real Time with Bill Maher. Bill Maher net worth is currently estimated at $23 million. As the comedian, Bill is mostly recognizable for his political satire targeting wide range of topics from the religion to bureaucracies. Bill himself holds liberal political attitudes, supports gay marriage and legalization of marijuana.

Bill was born in New York, in a family of Julie and William Maher. His father was a news editor and radio announcer. Although Bill’s mother was a Jew, the boy was raised in Catholic tradition due to his father’s will. In 1978 Bill graduated from Cornell University with the degree in history and English. However, Bill believed he has a talent for comedy and decided to pursue career in entertainment sector.

Considering the current Bill Maher net worth one could say this was a great choice, at least financially.

His first job in show business was hosting the comedy evenings in the New York club Catch a Rising Star. In the early 80’s got the chance to appear on David Letterman’s and Johnny Carlson’s shows. After this national exposure Mather got roles in Sara, Max Headroom, Murder, She Wrote, Charlie Hoover. When the pay checks for the various television appearances began to flow in, Bill Maher net worth began to grow. However the real breakout in Bill’s career came when he was invited to host the show Politically Incorrect.

Bill Maher is a bachelor and he publicly enjoys his status. In one of the interviews the comedian has compared himself to the escaped slave, who tries to bring the freedom to his fellow man and speaks about the benefits of bachelor life. Witty, eloquent and charming, during his life Bill has dated numerous woman. In 2004 his former girlfriend Coco Johnson sued Bill for $9 million. This sum was meant to cover the moral damage which Bill has allegedly caused to Coco during their relationship that lasted more than a year.

According to Coco, Maher used to humiliate and insult her because of the race. She has also accused him with not keeping his promises to marry her, to become the father of her children, to buy a luxurious house in Beverley Hills and to live long ever after. The court denied the charges as unreasonable, due to the lack of evidence of moral abuse and the fact that Maher’s views against marriage were declared not only to his girlfriend, but to his whole TV audience. Coco Johnson’s attempt to use Bill Maher net worth to fill her own bank account did not succeed.

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bill maher net worth bill maher net worth

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