Bill Murray net worth

Bill Murray net worth

Net Worth: $120 Million

About Bill Murray

Bill Murray net worth

William James Murray, professionally known as Bill Murray, is an American comedian and actor. He gained prominence appearing on the show Saturday Night Live, which garnered him an Emmy Award. Later in his career Bill stared in numerous commercially successful comedies, including Ghost Busters, Caddyshack and Groundhog Day. Although Bill was always quite popular among the critics, he gained a real acclamation in 2000s. In 2003 he received an Academy Award for the Best Actor for portraying the main character in a movie Lost in Translation and earned numerous compliments for his roles in Broken Flowers, The Life Aquatic with Steven Zissou and fantastic Mr. Fox. Bill Murray net worth is currently estimated at $120 million.

William was born in Illinois, in a family of mail room clerk Lucille and a lumber salesman Edward. His father died from diabetes when Bill was still a teenager and Lucille becomes the only breadwinner for her eight children. At the time Bill Murray net worth was close to zero and the boy had to take a job at the golf club in order to finance his studies at Jesuit high school.

Murray’s love for golf that started back then continues to this day. Although the family was living in a constant deprivation, all of the children grew up to be successful professionals. Three of them Joel, John and Brian Doyle-Murray chose the same path as Bill and became actors. However, none of them can compete with Bill Murray net worth or his fame.

William’s professional career started in the mid-70s, when Brian, one of his elder brothers, invited Bill to join an improvisational comedy group The Second City. Following year Bill appeared in a stage play Lampoon. This role gave Bill a wider exposure and drew the eyes of some television producers. Soon Murray received an offer to appear on ABC comedy series Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell. The show was not particularly popular and lasted for only one season. However, Bill’s part in these variety series did not go unrecognized. In 1977 he was offered a role on NBC’s program Saturday Night Live and was glad to accept it. After appearing on SNL Bill’s professional career took off and he went on to appear on numerous comedy films.

It looks like Hollywood career which boosted Bill Murray net worth to tens of millions had an opposite effect on the well-being of his family. In the beginning of 80s Bill married his colleague, Margaret Kelly, which soon gave birth to two boys. The family fell apart after Murray met another actress, Jennifer Butler, and the two started an affair. In 1997 Bill married his new lover, but this marriage did not work either. In 2008 Butler failed for divorce, blaming Murray of domestic violence, alcohol abuse and infidelity.

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