Bill Nye net worth

Bill Nye net worth

Net Worth: $6.5 Million

About Bill Nye

Bill Nye net worth

Bill Nye is one of the most well known names in science. It has been claimed that the current amount of Bill Nye net worth reaches a sum of 6.5 million dollars. Because of his involvement into science, he is also usually referred to as Billy Nye the Science Guy. He has accumulated his net worth through his careers as a science educator as well as an actor, comedian, writer and television show host and these all involvements are regarded as important sources of Bill Nye net worth.

Bill Nye started his career as a scientist, when he was hired in Boeing to work as a mechanical engineer. To many of people, Bill Nye can be remembered from a science show broadcasted on the Disney channel between the years 1993-1998, which was called “Bill Nye the Science Guy”. This show was the first involvement of his in the TV, which has added first huge sums of money to Bill Nye net worth. Since that time, Bill Nye has appeared as a science educator in many media exposures as well as TV shows.

Giving some personal details about the scientist, he was born in 1955 in Washington, D.C. When he graduated from high school, Bill Nye enrolled into Cornell University, where he was studying mechanical engineering.

In 1977, he earned his degree of Bachelor of Science. Also, Bill Nye works as a guest lecturer at his university, where he is from time to time teaching about human ecology and astronomy. In 1999, Bill Nye stated that he wanted to become a part of NASA astronauts, but he was always rejected to be admitted.

As a TV star, Bill Nye started his career in a comedy show, which was broadcasted from Seattle and which was called “Almost Live”. Between the years 1991-1993, Bill Nye appeared in an educational program called “Back to the Future: The Animated Series”.

Because of his involvement into this show, he got his own show on Disney channel, called “Bill Nye the Science Guy”, which was already mentioned. Therefore, his career on TV screen started to add huge sums of money to Bill Nye net worth. The episodes of the latter show aimed to teach children about scientific topics, however, the show also received huge grown-ups viewership. Soon, this program became a part of teaching programs in schools in the United States. In addition to his appearance on screen, Bill Nye has also published several books, which are written under his writer’s nickname, The Science Guy.

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