Bill O’reilly net worth

Bill O’reilly net worth

Net Worth: $50 Million

About Bill O’reilly

Bill O’reilly net worth

William James O’Reilly, better known as simply Bill O’Reilly, is an American political commentator, television host, historian, author and a syndicated columnist. He is the host of the most popular cable news program The O’Reilly Factor aired on Fox News Channel. Bill started his career as a journalist on various local televisions stations and eventually secured positions on ABC and CBS News. He is characterized by conservative, traditionalist political attitudes and satiric style. Bill O’Reilly net worth is currently estimated at $50 million dollars and his annual salary is $16 million.

Bill was born in 1949, in a family of William James and Angela Drake O’Reilly. After graduating from high school, were he studied together with future pop star Billy Joel, Bill went to study history in the Marist College. During his freshmen year in college O’Reilly traveled to Europe where he attended University of London. While in Marist Bill first started working as a journalist for the local newspaper.

Who could have known that this career path will eventually lead him to national recognition and earn Bill O’Reilly net worth of $50 million? However, journalism was not Bill’s first career choice after he majored in history.

At the age 21 he moved to Miami, where he got a job as a history and English teacher at Monsignor Pace High School. After a couple years of teaching Bill decided to continue his studies in broadcast journalism and earned a master of art from Boston University in 1997.

Bill started to pursue a career in television news working at WNEP-TV in Pennsylvania, first in Scranton, later in Dallas and then in Denver. O’Reilly soon received a Dallas Press Club Award for his skill in investigative reporting and local Emmy for his reportage on skyjacking. In early 80s Bill started working on a news program 7:30 Magazine and soon received a 2nd local Emmy for an investigative report about the corruption among public officials. Two years later Bill was offered to work as CBS News correspondent from Buenos Aires and took the job.

Bill O’Reilly net worth started to grow at enviable rate after he started working on a major news gathering and broadcasting division, ABC News (American Broadcasting Company). On this channel Bill hosted daytime news briefs World News Tonight and worked as a reporter for various other programs, including Nightline, World News Tonight and Good Morning America. However, what boosted Bill O’Reilly net worth to its currents heights was his show The O’Reilly Factor, which started running in 1996 under the name The O’Reilly Report. In 2009 Bill’s show had an audience of over 3 million people and was the most watched news show on cable television for more than 100 weeks consecutively.

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bill o’reilly net worth bill o’reilly net worth

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