Bill Russell net worth

Bill Russell net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Bill Russell

Bill Russell net worth

Bill Russell is known as one of the most successful basketball players of all time, who currently is retired from this sport. It has been stated that the current estimate of Bill Russell net worth reaches as much as 10 million dollars. In 1956, Bill Russell started playing in the team of the NBA, Boston Celtics, and there he stayed till 1969. During this time, Bill Russell net worth increased a lot, as well.

During all his career as a basketball player, Bill Russell has received a lot of awards and was recognized and acknowledged, as well. He is known as a winner of the Most Valuable Player of the NBA five times, and a winner of All-Star twelve times. Bill Russell was the most valuable player not only in the NBA, but also in his team of Boston Celtics.
During his staying in this team for thirteen years, Bill Russell led the team to 11 NBA Championships, which the team won. This number makes him one of the athletes, who won such a number of championships in North America.

Before he started his career in the NBA, Bill Russell was studying at the University of San Francisco, where he was also a star on the university’s basketball team.

In the Summer Olympics of 1956, Bill Russell was the captain of the US National basketball team, and the team became the winner of a gold medal. Therefore, with so many winnings, it is not surprising that Bill Russell net worth also increased a lot.

Bill Russell is regarded as one of the best players of the NBA in the history of the league. His techniques of playing the game added a lot to the overall success of the Boston Celtics. Bill Russell was also recognized as the most motivational player of the team. He was also famous for his abilities in rebounding. He is also regarded as one of the two basketball players who grabbed more than 50 rebounds in a single basketball game. Bill Russell was also extremely effective into passing.

Moreover, Bill Russell is also known as the first African American player in the NBA, who received the status of a superstar in the league. In 1966, Bill Russell not only played for Boston Celtics, but he also served as the coach of the team and retained this position till 1969. Thus, his involvement into this team added up to the overall sum of Bill Russell net worth, as well.

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