Bill Simmons net worth

Bill Simmons net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Bill Simmons

Bill Simmons net worth

It has been announced that the total sum of Bill Simmons net worth reaches an estimate of 15 million dollars. Bill Simmons is mostly known as a sports commentator, however, he is also a reporter, podcaster, author and analyst and these sources have added a lot of financial success to him and therefore increased Bill Simmons net worth a lot. Currently, he is a writer for, where he is also a podcaster. This website works in a close connection to ESPN, too. Before he got this position, Bill Simmons also worked as a writer for two other productions, those being Jimmy Kimmel Live and ESPN The Magazine.

In the sports industry, Bill Simmons is also referred to as The Boston Sports Guy or simply the Sports Guy. He caught the attention from people of ESPN, when he created his own website called, from which his nickname also came. ESPN hired him in 2001 and this career started to add huge sums of money to Bill Simmons net worth, as well. In addition to working there, he was also working on his own show called “The B.S. Report”. In addition, he works in quite a lot of projects by ESPN, such as documentary called “30 for 30”.

Moreover, he is one of the co-creators of another TV show called “E:60”. These involvements also increase the overall sum of Bill Simmons net worth.

Bill Simmons has also debuted as an author, he has written two books up to date. In 2011, he also started an online magazine about sports called, which has been mentioned above. Bill Simmons sports columns are popular due to several techniques, which he incorporates in his writings, such as mixing sports knowledge with popular culture, his personal life and a viewpoint of a sports fan. He is also a creator of several internet memes, including Manning Face and Ewing Theory, although he himself states that he did not create the latter one.

In 2007, Bill Simmons was ranked in the 12th place as the most influential person in online sports, which was compiled by Sports Business Journal. This position, the 12th one, is regarded as the highest position ever reached by a non-executive involved into online sports. Therefore, in addition to increasing Bill Simmons net worth, his career into being a sports analyst also added a lot of fame to him. Thus, his name is one of the most well known in this industry.

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bill simmons net worth bill simmons net worth bill simmons net worth

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