Billy Blanks net worth

Billy Blanks net worth

Net Worth: $30 Million

About Billy Blanks

Billy Blanks net worth

It has been reported that the overall amount of Billy Blanks net worth today is as much as 30 million dollars, which he has accumulated due to his involvement into sports. Billy Blanks is a well known fitness coach as well as a martial artist and occasional actor. All these careers have added a lot to the total size of Billy Blanks net worth.

Billy Blanks is well known for his exercising program which he called “Tae Bo” and which made him well known all around the world. In addition to his involvement into fitness, he is also known as an actor and has appeared in some movies, such as “Expect No Mercy” and “The Last Boy Scout”. Thus, his career in acting has also added to his fame as well as to Billy Blanks net worth.

Billy Blanks was born in Pennsylvania in a very huge family – he was fourth out of fifteen kids. When he was growing up, his childhood was quite hard since he suffered from dyslexia. He was born with a condition which resulted into his impaired movements. Because of this, he was quite clumsy when growing up, and as a result, he did not do well in sports.

His inspiration to sports happened when he saw a film in which Bruce Lee was starring and decided that he wanted to become a mixed martial artist.

Therefore, he soon started learning karate and dedicated all his time to it. In 1988, Billy Blanks started working as a bodyguard and the first client of his was Catherine Back, who is an actress and who appeared in a film called “Driving Force”. This career added first bigger sums of money to Billy Blanks net worth, as well.

However, he soon was noticed by a couple of producers who decided that he would do better in movies than serving as a bodyguard. Billy Blanks soon starred in movies, such as “Kiss the Girl”, “The Last Boy Scout” and “Bloodfist”.

In the end of the 80s, Billy Blanks got involved into sports full force when he created the already mentioned exercising program called “Tae Bo”. Billy Blanks also launched his first fitness center in Los Angeles, where he taught his created program. Also, soon celebrities started to attend his fitness center. His technique of exercising immediately was popularized and he began recording videos how to train properly. Thus, sports made him a huge star in entertainment industry.

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