Billy Corgan net worth

Billy Corgan net worth

Net Worth: $50 Million

About Billy Corgan

Billy Corgan net worth

Billy Corgan is one of the multi millionaires in music business. It has been reported that the current sum of Billy Corgan net worth reaches 50 million dollars and it is expected to grow even more in the upcoming years. In addition to being a well respected musician, he is also known as a lyricist, writer, poet and producer, which all are also important source when talking about the accumulating of Billy Corgan net worth.

In the end of the 80s, Billy Corgan started to gain more and more attention when he founded his own band called “Smashing Pumpkins”. The band added even more popularity to him. “Smashing Pumpkins” became a huge commercial success and toured a lot, thus, increasing net worth of all the members of the band, including Billy Corgan net worth. However, the band had to stop its activities a lot of times, because of conflicts arising inside the band and constant drug use of some members.

Today, Billy Corgan is the only member of the band, who has performed in it since its beginning, but the band is still touring and performing today, although the members of it have changed quite a lot of times.

Billy Corgan was born in 1967 in Illinois. Today, he is considered as one of the most influential musicians from the Alternative rock world. This position has been strengthened due to the fact that he is the founder and the only original member of “Smashing Pumpkins”. In 1988, when the band was created, Billy Corgan has played a vital role in it. He was also the main lyricist of the band and has remained as such till today.

Because of Billy Corgan, the band proved to be a huge success and reached a huge fame less than three years after its establishment. Thus, it served as the main tool to popularize Billy Corgan’s name as well as it has been the main source of Billy Corgan net worth. 9 studio albums of the band have been released, most of the selling millions of copies. Up to date, overall, more than 30 million copies of the band have been sold internationally.

The band is also known as a winner of various prestigious awards, such as Grammies and MTV Music Awards. It is also known to be in a close collaboration with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Although members have been changing quite often, Billy Corgan has been the one who recruited new members and stayed in the band the longest.

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