Billy Sims net worth

Billy Sims net worth

Net Worth: $100 Thousand

About Billy Sims

Billy Sims net worth

It has been calculated that the total amount of Billy Sims net worth reaches 100 thousand dollars, according to the recent estimations. Billy Sims became popular and rich because of his successful football player career. Before he became a professional footballer, he was playing this sport on a college level. In the 1980s, Billy Sims was playing in the National Football League as a running back. There, he stayed for 5 seasons and during this time a big part of Billy Sims net worth was accumulated.
When he was studying at the University of Oklahoma, he was also playing football there. In 1978, he became a winner of the Heisman Trophy. In addition to this win, Billy Sims was a two-time consensus All-American football player. In 1980, he participated in the NFL Draft, where he was chosen as the first overall pick. Billy Sims was playing with the Detroit Lions team in the league. Chris Berman from ESPN named Billy Sims as ‘Kung Fu Billy Sims’. He gave him this nickname after he saw him play in the game against the Houston Oilers.
The football player was born in 1955 in St. Louis, Missouri.

When he was in the 8th grade, Billy Sims moved to live with his grandmother in Hooks, Texas. Before he got interested in football, Billy Sims was playing baseball and was a huge fan of the St. Louis Cardinals. Billy Sims got interested in football only when he moved to Texas. Eventually, football became one of the main sources of Billy Sims net worth and fame.
When he was studying at Hooks High school, he was a varsity football player. In the period of 1975-1979, Billy Sims was a player for the Oklahoma Sooners football team at the University of Oklahoma. In the first season, Billy Sims played in only one game because he was injured a lot of times. In the season of 1978, he became so successful that he even won the Heisman Trophy. With getting this award, Billy Sims became the 6th junior to receive it. In 1979, he became a runner-up to get this award.
In 1980, he started his professional football career when he was chosen by the Detroit Lions as the first overall pick. He made three consecutive appearances in Pro Bowl – in 1980, 1981, and 1982. His career ended in 1984 when he suffered a serious knee injury in the game against the Minnesota Vikings. However, being a professional football player has added up a lot of revenues to the total amount of Billy Sims net worth. He quitted his career as a football player in 1986. For those two years, Billy Sims tried to recover, however, unsuccessfully.
In 1990, he faced financial troubles when he had to file for bankruptcy because he lost all of his wealth through many unsuccessful business involvements. Some of these business ventures include a radio station, a nightclub, car parts sales, and a dry cleaning business. His bankruptcy also resulted in his marriage being ended by his wife, Brenda, who worked as a junior high school teacher.

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