Bo Jackson net worth

Bo Jackson net worth

Net Worth: $16 Million

About Bo Jackson

Bo Jackson net worth

It has been estimated that Bo Jackson net worth reaches an amount of 16 million dollars. He has accumulated his net worth through his successful career as a football and baseball player. Although currently he is known to be retired from sports, these two involvements added millions of dollars to the overall amount of Bo Jackson net worth. Moreover, Bo Jackson is regarded to be as the only one sportsman who was titled as the All-Star in two major sports field in the United States. According to ESPN, Bo Jackson was also titled as the greatest sportsman of all time.

When the sportsman was studying at Auburn university, he was the winner of the Heisman Trophy, which he got in 1985. The award is given to the most outstanding player in colleges all across the United States every year. Talking about his involvement into football, Bo Jackson was playing in the team of the Los Angeles Raiders, which participated in the National Football League. He was playing as a running back.

Talking about his career as a baseball player, Bo Jackson played in various different teams, including Chicago White Sox, Kansas City Royals and Anaheim Angels, which were participating in the American League in Major League Baseball.

Both these sports added millions of dollars to Bo Jackson net worth. In baseball, Bo Jackson played as a designated hitter and left field.

In 1991, Bo Jackson suffered an injury which prevented him from playing football later in his life and also limited his career as a baseball player. In 1989-1990, Bo Jackson also became known for “Bo Knows” advertising campaign. In addition, he was a face of Nike company, in commercials of which he appeared with a musician Bo Diddley.

Moreover, after he suffered an injury, Bo Jackson got focused on other activities, as well, since it prevented him from playing football. Bo Jackson finished his degree in sciences in Family and Child Development. Bo Jackson also started to appear on TV screens, mainly in some TV shows and movies as a guest star. Such appearances included the TV show called “Married with Children” and a movie titled “The Chamber”. These involvements increased Bo Jackson net worth, as well.

Born in Alabama, Bo Jackson was a really troubled child because he used to mess around a lot. Thus, he was nicknamed “wild boar hog”, which later was shortened to simply Bo.

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