Bo Kimble net worth

Bo Kimble net worth

Net Worth: $3 Million

About Bo Kimble

Bo Kimble net worth

It has been reported that the overall size of Bo Kimble net worth reaches 3 million dollars, as of right now. Bo Kimble has earned his net worth because of his successful basketball career. Before he became a professional player, Bo Kimble was playing college basketball when he was studying at Loyola Marymount University. As a professional basketball player, Bo Kimble is mostly known for his appearances in the National Basketball Association with the New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Clippers. Both of these teams have added up quite a lot of revenues to the total estimate of Bo Kimble net worth. In the season of 1989-1990, he led his college team to the regional finals of the NCAA Tournament.
He was born in 1966. When he was studying at Dobbins Technical High School in Philadelphia, Bo Kimble was already playing basketball there. He created a productive partnership with Hank Gathers, with who he led the team to the Public League City championship in 1985. At first, Bo Kimble was playing basketball for the University of Southern California, but soon he transferred to Loyola Marymount University.

Bo Kimble became a consensus second-team All-American selection.
In 1990, he became a professional basketball player when he appeared in the NBA Draft, during which he was chosen as the 8th overall pick by the Los Angeles Clippers. The team became one of the first sources of increasing the total estimate of Bo Kimble net worth. At that time, his team was training at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, where Bo Kimble had a chance to play when he was a college student. In his first year with the team, Bo Kimble averaged 6 points per game. Also, in his overall career, Bo Kimble averaged 5.5 points per game.
However, he had very little time to play with the Los Angeles Clippers and later, Bo Kimble even stated that it made him think about suicide a few times. In addition, during most of his NBA career, Bo Kimble suffered injuries, which prevented him from playing. In 1992, Bo Kimble was traded to the New York Knicks team in exchange for Mark Jackson, who joined the Los Angeles Clippers. However, Bo Kimble appeared in only nine games with this team. In the end of his first season with the New York Knicks, the basketball player was released from it. It was also the last team with which he played in his NBA career.
When he retired from NBA, Bo Kimble joined the Continental Basketball Association, where he played for some years. Bo Kimble belonged to four teams in this organization, including the La Crosse Bobcats, Rapid City Thrillers, Yakima Sun Kings and Hartford Hellcats. Thus, playing with all of these teams has also increased the total amount of Bo Kimble net worth, which currently reaches a sum of 3 million dollars.
In addition to his career as a basketball player, Bo Kimble is an actor. In 1991, he had a part in the film called “Heaven is a Playground”, where he appeared as student Matthew Lockhart.

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