Bob Barker net worth

Bob Barker net worth

Net Worth: $70 Million

About Bob Barker

Bob Barker net worth

Bob Barker, real name Robert William Barker, is a famous American television personality. He is best known as the host of the popular CBS’s game show The Price Is Right, which ran for 35 years, making it the longest aired daytime show in the United States’ television history. Barker started his professional career on the radio, hosting The Bob Barker Show. Before he appeared on The Price Is Right, from the mid 1950s to the mid 1970s, Bob hosted another long-running game show, Truth or Consequences. In addition to his career in entertainment business, Barker is known as a devoted defender of animal rights and the member of such activist groups as Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and United Activists for Animal Rights. As for 2013, Bob Barker net worth is estimated at $70 million.
Bob was born in Darrington and raised in Rosebud Indian Reservation. In the Indian Census Rolls he is listed as one of the official members of the Native American Sioux tribe. However, according to Barker is only 1/8 Sioux. He was born in a family of Matilda Valendra and Byron John Barker.

Bob’s mother was a teacher in a local school while his father was a foreman for electric highline. Needless to say, neither Matilda nor John has ever earned a fortune comparable to Bob Barker net worth, but they had enough to make the ends meet and in his early childhood Bob never suffered from deprivation. Unfortunately, his life changed in 1929. John Byron died when his son was only 6 years old, after experiencing a job related injury. Following this tragedy Bob and his mother moved to live in Springfield, where Barker attended Central High School.
After graduation from high school Barker received a basketball scholarship to study at Drury College. Bob has temporarily abandoned his studies in order to join the United States Navy. After a few years serving as a fighter pilot Bob returned to Missouri and graduated summa cum laude, earning a degree in economics. Bob Barker net worth started to grow in the late 1940s, when he landed his first job at the radio station KTTS-FM. In the beginning of 1950s Bob moved to California, where he was given an opportunity to host his personal radio program, The Bob Barker Show. It was aired for more than six years and had quite a stable audience.
Bob Barker net worth growth shifted to the higher gear in 1956, when the young man was noticed by Ralph Edwards, a famous American host and television producer. The same year Bob started hosting a game show entitled Truth or Consequences, which consisted mostly of quizzes and wacky stunts. Barker remained in this position right until 1975. Two years before this show was cancelled, Barker started hosting another game program, The Price Is Right.

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