Bob Costas net worth

Bob Costas net worth

Net Worth: $45 Million

About Bob Costas

Bob Costas net worth

Bob Costas is one of the most well known sportscasters in the United States. The current amount of Bob Costas net worth has been stated to reach 45 million dollars. Today, he is one of the most respected sportscasters in the industry. In fact, he started his career in sports, when he was still studying in college. In 1980, Bob Costas was hired as a sportscaster for the NBC Sports and this career started to add first huge sums of revenues to Bob Costas net worth. Also, he has been the sportscaster for this channel ever since then.

His involvement into this industry has been evaluated and recognized, as well. Bob Costas is known as a winner of 20 Emmy Awards as well as been named the National Sportscaster of the Year 4 times.

Bob Costas was born in New York City in 1952. Since 1980, Bob Costas has been a huge star in sportscast industry. Bob Costas is also known to be of Greek and Irish origins. Bob Costas was accepted to the Syracuse University, where he also started his career as a sports announcer. He was working as an announcer for his university’s hockey team. Thus, this position gave him a lot of experience which he needed in order to get a job at the NBC Sports, the career, which today increases Bob Costas net worth a lot.

Between the years 1976-1979, Bob Costas was hired to be as a sportscaster for CBS Sports, where he worked as an announcer of CBS NBA and CBS NFL. In 1980, Bob Costas joined the team of NBC Sports. At that time, Bob Costas was 28 years old, however due to his childish or boyish look, he was usually referred to as “Sportboy” by a TV show host David Letterman.

In addition to that, Bob Costas also got his own TV show, which was called “Later with Bob Costas”, which was airing between the years 1988-1994 on the NBC channel. This show proved to be a success and also added a lot of fame to him as well as increased the total sum of Bob Costas net worth.

Moreover, Bob Costas also has been reporting Olympic Games, starting from 1988 Summer Games, which were held in Seoul. Up to date, he has announced for nine Olympic Games, with the most recent one being London Olympic Games in 2012. Thus, in addition to his involvement as a sportscaster for the NBC Sports, Bob Costas is also involved into other activities, as well.

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