Bob Saget net worth

Bob Saget net worth

Net Worth: $100 Million

About Bob Saget

Bob Saget net worth

Robert lane Saget, professionally known as Bob Saget, is an accomplished American stand-up comedian, television host and actor. Robert’s professional image is dual and marked by acute contrasts. Although the mainstream audience recognizes Saget from his roles in family movies like Full House, and for hosting Americas Funniest Home Videos, as a stand-up comedian he is often very vulgar. Since 2005 he has worked as a voice actor in extremely popular television comedy series How I Met Your Mother: the voice of the future Mosby actually belongs to him. Bob Saget net worth is currently estimated at $100 million.

Robert was born in Philadelphia, to the hospital administrator Rosalyn and her husband, supermarket executive Benjamin. Both of his parents were Jewish. Looking for the better job offers and more comfortable living conditions his parents soon moved to Virginia and then again, to California. By the time Bob was graduating from high school the family was back where they started- in Philadelphia. As a child Bob was interested in natural sciences and dreamed of studying medicine. One fatal acquisition changed those plans irrevocably and pushed him down the road that eventually boosted Bob Saget net worth to tens of millions.

This special person was Bob’s English teacher at Abington Senior High School. Elaine Zimmerman, that was the teacher’s name, recognized his creative potential and talked the boy into seeking career in movies.

Encouraged by Elaine, after graduation from high school Bob enrolled into Temple University, where he studied film making. While still in TU, Saget created a short black-and-white film, entitled Through Adam’s Eyes. It told a touching story about the little boy, who goes through a facial reconstruction surgery. Although the film was not meant for the mainstream audience and did not add much to Bob Saget net worth, it garnered Bob his first accolade- Student Academy Award. He graduated in 1978 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Despite the recognition, Saget has described a 22-year-old himself rather negatively. In one of his interviews he recalled being cocky, arrogant, having overweight and being too lazy to solve this problem. Bob’s personality changed significantly after having a near-death experience. In his early twenties he had a gangrenous appendix and almost died during the operation.

Bob’s professional career took off in the late 1980, when he landed a position of a co-host on CBS show The Morning Program. Not only Bob hosted the show, he was also the main script writer and producer. This show gave him a much needed national exposure, soon after which Bob Saget net worth growth shifted to the high gear. In 1996 Bob debuted as a movie director with a project For Hope. The plot of this work was based on his sister’s life story. Gay Saget has died from a chronic systemic autoimmune disease three years earlier.

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bob saget net worth bob saget net worth bob saget net worth

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