Bobby Bonilla net worth

Bobby Bonilla net worth

Net Worth: $25 Million

About Bobby Bonilla

Bobby Bonilla net worth

Bobby Bonilla is a well known baseball player. It has been estimated that the current amount of Bobby Bonilla net worth reaches 25 million dollars, which also makes him one of the richest athletes. In the period of 1986-2001, Bobby Bonilla was playing in Major League Baseball and during such a long time, a huge part of the total size of Bobby Bonilla net worth was earned. He is one of the most successful African-Puerto Rican baseball players.
Bobby Bonilla appeared as a professional baseball player for 16 years. He became a winner of the 1997 World Series when he was a player with the Florida Marlins team. During the 1990 MLB season, Bobby Bonilla was the leader in the league in extra base hits. One year later, he led the league in doubles. Bobby Bonilla appeared in six All-Star Games. In addition to that, he became a recipient of three Silver Slugger awards. In the period of 1992-1994, he was regarded as the highest paid baseball player in the league. Thus, during this time, a big part of Bobby Bonilla net worth was earned. In that period, his annual salary reached 6 million dollars.

His current annual salary is stated to reach 1.19 million dollars, which he is receiving from his team, the New York Mets. Thus, this sum has also added up to the current sum of Bobby Bonilla net worth.
Bobby Bonilla was born in 1963 in The Bronx, New York. Bobby Bonilla started his baseball career playing with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Then, he became a member with the Chicago White Sox team. He appeared in major league for the first time as a player with this team in 1986. In the period of 1984-1988, he was playing with the Mayagüez Indians of the Puerto Rican Winter League. In 1987, he started to play as a third baseman for the Pittsburgh Pirates. However, he made quite a few errors playing in this position and was moved to right field. He became an All-Star player four years in a row.
In 1991, Bobby Bonilla became a free agent. As such, one year later, he got signed with the New York Mets. The contract was stated to last for 5 years and was worth 29 million dollars at that time. Also, in that period, he was considered as the highest paid baseball player. As a player with this team, he appeared in All-Star Games in 1993 and 1995. In 1995, the baseball player was traded to the Baltimore Orioles. In 1996, he was instrumental in helping his team to the American League Championship Series.
In 1996 as well, he became a free agent and signed a contract with the Florida Marlins. He was vital when the team became a winner of the 1997 World Series. In 1998, Bobby Bonilla was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers. In the end of the same year, he joined the New York Mets. In 2000, he got signed with the Atlanta Braves. One year later, Bobby Bonilla became a player for the St. Louis Cardinals.

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