Bobby Brown net worth

Bobby Brown net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown net worth

Bobby Brown (real name Robert Barisford Brown) is a contemporary R&B singer, songwriter, dancer and a little less often- rapper. Bobby started his career singing pop songs with a band New Edition. However he was soon kicked out of the group for his incapacity to behave responsibly and properly. One could say that Brown’s forced removal has worked for the best, as soon after that he has changed his music style and started solo career. Eventually Bobbie became more famous and prosperous than his former band ever was or will be. Bobbie Brown net worth is currently estimated at $5 million.

Bobby was born in a large family with eight children. His mother was a teacher at school and his father worked at the constructions. Needless to say, with eight mouths to feed his parent were not well-off people. It is hard to believe it now, when Bobbie Brown net worth is 5$ million, but in his childhood poverty has forced him to shoplift. When the boy got caught and was asked why he did that, Bobbie explained he prefers to risk stealing than to ask his parents for money, because they lack it for themselves.

However, poverty wasn’t even the biggest problem Bobbie had to confront in his childhood.

He lived in a dangerous neighborhood, where criminal gangs were florishing. When Bobbie was only 10 year old he got shot to the leg when an inter-gang fight erupted during the block party to which he came with his siblings. A year later, he got involved in an even more tragic fight and sow his friend dying from multiple stabs. After this shocking experience Bobbie has changed and started to take his education and life more seriously. It was then that he decided to direct all his efforts to pursuing a career in music. Many years had to pass before his dreams started to fulfill and Bobbie Brown net worth started to grow.

Bobbie’s solo career took off in the end of 80s, after he left his band and signed a contract with a recording label MCA. His first album called King of Stage was released in 1986. Although an album featured one popular song Girlfriend, the whole CD was received critically by the audience and was not commercially successful. Things improved when Bobbie started working with some of the best R&B songwriters, like Babyface and L.A. Reid. With a help of those man Bobbie has managed to compose Don’t be Cruel, an album that until this day remains the most popular work of Brown.

Don’t be Cruel was released in 1988 and featured 5 songs that peaked at the top ten of the Billboard 100. Three of them, My Prerogative, Don’t be Cruel and Every Little Step became Brown’s signature hits. With 8 million records sold in the US national market alone, Don’t be Cruel became the best selling album of ’89. The sales from this album added a noticable sum to the current Bobby Brown net worth.

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Bobby Brown net worth Bobby Brown net worth

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