Bobby Flay net worth

Bobby Flay net worth

Net Worth: $6 Million

About Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay net worth

Robert William Flay, better known as Bobby Fly, is a professional chef, television personality and restaurateur. He owns a several popular restaurants, such as Mesa Grill (Las Vegas, Bahamas, New York), Bar American (Uncasville and New York), Bobby Flay Steak (Atlantic City) and Bobby’s Burger Palace food chain, spread over ten different locations. His career in television started on Network Food channel, where he hosted a sever shows and appeared as a guest on a number of cooking programs. Bobby has also featured on television series The Great Chefs. As for 2013, Bobby Flay net worth is estimated at $6 million.

Robert was born in New York, in a family of Dorothy and Bill Flay. Although his parent’s fortune was significantly lower than Bobby Flay net worth, they were fairly wealthy people and raised their son in Upper East Side, one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Manhattan. Bobby expressed his interest in cooking at an early age. When he was 8 years old his Christmas wish was Easy-Bake Oven. Bobby’s father was initially concerned about his son’s interest in “girlish toys” and tried to convince his wife that G.

I. Joe would be a more appropriate gift for a boy. Their disagreement resulted in Bobby getting both of these presents.

Flay’s academic achievements were far below average and the teenager got kicked out of school when he was 17. Following this, Bobby started working at Baskin-Robbins pizza parlor and soon transferred to Joe Allen Restaurant. Although both of these jobs were low-paid and did not add much to Bobby Flay net worth, they led him to “the right people”. Joe was impressed with his employ’s natural talent and offered to pay his tuition at International Culinary Centre. Graduating in 1984, Bobby was among the lucky ones who got the chance to study under the great chef Ishaan Gupta. Flay’s professional career took off in 1980s, when he started working as a chef for Jonathan Waxman. Jonathan introduced Bobby to Cajun, southwestern cuisines and as stated by Flay – taught him what is called an actually good food.

In 1988 Bobby landed a position as an executive chef in East Village restaurant Miracle Grill. That’s where he caught an eye of Jerome Kretchmer, a successful restaurateur who was about to open a new place. Impressed with Bobby’s skills, he offered him to work as a chef at Mesa grill. Bobby Flay net worth growth shifted to the higher gear when he became a business partner at the same place. In 2004 Bobby opened a second Melisa Grill in Las Vegas. His next business venture was Bobby Fly Steak in Atlantic City. The popularity of these restaurants made Bobby into the man he is today, it turned him into a millionaire and celebrity chef.

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