Bobby Lee net worth

Bobby Lee net worth

Net Worth: $1 Million

About Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee net worth

It has been claimed that the overall amount of Bobby Lee net worth is 1 million dollars, thus he is regarded as one of the starting millionaires in Hollywood. Bobby Lee is mostly known as a comedian and actor, and thus he has appeared mainly in comedies. In the period of 2001-2009, Bobby Lee became mostly famous because of his appearance in “MADtv”. In addition to this show Bobby Lee is known from some films, such as “Pineapple Express”, “The Dictator” and “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle”. Thus, all of these productions have increased the total size of Bobby Lee net worth a lot.

Bobby Lee was born in 1972 in San Diego, California. His parents are of Korean origin and they owned clothing stores in Encinitas and Escondido in California. When he was 18 years old, Bobby Lee moved out of his parents’ house and started working in some coffee shops and restaurants around San Diego. At the same time, he was also studying at Palomar College. This was also around the same time when he got interested into comedy and created his own comedy routines. After he got enough experience, Bobby Lee was able to work as an opening act for Carlos Mencia and Pauly Shore.

He was also a regular at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

Bobby Lee has also stated that in the beginning of his career his parents did not support him as they wanted that he would continue family’s business. It was also known that during his first public stand-up performances his parents even did not speak with him. However, it was during his performance at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno that his father realized his son’s potential. He could him and apologized for not supporting his dreams of becoming a comedian from the beginning. Thus, eventually he has made a huge name in the industry and comedy has also increased the overall sum of Bobby Lee net worth. Bobby Lee is also known to have included a couple of his family members in his performances.

In 2001, Bobby Lee became even more known when he started to appear in MADtv. Bobby Lee is also the only one member of the show of Asian origin. He stayed in this show until it was canceled in 2009. The show not only made him a popular man, but also added up to the overall size of Bobby Lee net worth.

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