Bono net worth

Bono net worth

Net Worth: $600 Million

About Bono

Bono net worth

Bono, real name Paul David Hewson, is a musician, singer, songwriter, businessman and an active humanitarian from Ireland. He is best known as the lead singer in a rock band U2. Bono net worth is currently estimated at $600 million, making him one of the wealthiest Irish singers in music industry. The most characteristic feature of Bono’s songs is its rebellious tone, political, religious and social themes in the lyrics.

Bono was born in Dublin, in a family of Iris and Brendan Robert Hewson. His parents were confessors of different religions: his father was a Roman Catholic and his mother belonged to the Church of Ireland. When it was time to decide in which tradition the family should raise their children, Iris and Brendan agreed that their first offspring will follow his mother’s religion and the second one will be a Catholic, as his father. The settlement was never implemented. Although Bono is a second child (he has an 8 year older brother Robert Norman Hewson), his father was unwilling to devote his time for religious education of his son, thus Bono used to attend the Irish church with his brother and mother.

Bono met the future members of U2 while attending Mount Temple Comprehensive School. This was a fatal acquisition which eventually boosted Bono net worth to hundreds of millions and brought him international recognition. During this early period of his life Bono and some of his best friends belonged to a street crew entitled “Lypton Village”. That’s where Paul David Hewson got the nickname Bono, which later turned into his stage name. The band joined in 1976, when Bono was 16 year old and first played under the name “Feedback”. It was later changed into the “the Hype”, before the group landed with a name U2.

The band got its first breakthrough in 1978, when U2 won a local talent show. The monetary prize for the winners was $500 and did not add much money to Bono net worth. What is more important, the prize also included an opportunity to use a professional recording studio and the promise that their song will be aired on CBS Ireland. Two years later U2 signed the contract with Island records and soon released their debut album, the Boy. The album featured U2’s first international hi “11 O’clock Tick Tock” and was evaluated positively by both critics and audience.

With his personal example Bono has proved that fame and fortune are compatible with a stable family. Bono has met his current wife Alison Hewson back at high school. The couple has been married for nearly thirty years and is raising four children. With Bono net worth above $600 million, the whole family is living in a luxurious house in Ireland.

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