Booker T net worth

Booker T net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Booker T

Booker T net worth

It has been stated that the overall amount of Booker T net worth reaches as much as 5 million dollars. Booker T has become famous because of his career in wrestling, which has served as the main source of accumulating his net worth for a long time. However, today Booker T is retired from his career as a professional wrestler, but this career has made him a well known person in wrestling and sports industry in general. Thus, sports has been the main source of his fame and also of Booker T net worth.

Booker T got interested into wrestling together with his brother, when the two started to attend wrestling school. In 1989, for the first time he appeared as a wrestler in the public, when he attended Ivan Putski’s Western Wrestling Alliance Live! Show, during which he was known as G. I. Bro. Together with his brother Lash, Booker T appeared in Texas circuit.

Also, he was joined by his brother when the duo started to wrestle in the Global Wrestling Federation. The brothers were also the winners of Tag Team Championship, which they won in 1992. Thus, with such winning Booker T fame increased a lot and many more winnings came after that, which have also added up to the total estimate of Booker T net worth.

In 1993, Booker T got a chance to appear as a part of the World Championship Wrestling. In the same year, he appeared in a match with his brother and their team was called Harlem Heat. In the next few years, Booker T appeared in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, World Wrestling Federation and World Television Championship.

In addition to his career as a wrestler, Booker T is also known as a commentator on some sports shows. In 2012, he was even appearing on Smackdown as its General Manager. In addition, he is also known from some films and TV shows, such as “Family Feud”, “The Weakest Links”, “Ready to Rumble” and “Charmed”. In 2007, he even appeared as a radio show host, when he was hired by KBME to host a show called “Tea Time with King Booker”. Thus, these involvements have also made his name more popular and added up revenues to the overall size of Booker T net worth.
The wrestler was born in Texas in 1965. In 2005, he married for the second time, to Sharmell Sullivan. With her, he is a parent of three children.

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booker t net worth booker t net worth booker t net worth

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