Boy George net worth

Boy George net worth

Net Worth: $35 Million

About Boy George

Boy George net worth

Boy George is a well known name for people who are interested into English music. It has also been claimed that the overall amount of Boy George net worth makes him one of the richest English musicians, since the overall size of his net worth today reaches 35 million dollars. Boy George to a lot of people is remembered as a member of the New Romantic movement in England, which took place in the late 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s. His music is usually described as having elements of both blues and soul. Also, in many of his recordings, a vibe of reggae can be felt.

In the 1980s, Boy George became known as a member of the band called “Culture Club” which became a winner of many prestigious awards, such as Brit Awards and Grammy Awards. Therefore, his membership in the band also increased the total sum of Boy George net worth.

In 1989, Boy George established his own band, which was called “Jesus Loves You”. The band was performing till 1992 and it also added up to the overall size of Boy George net worth.
However, recently, he has slowed down his career as a musician, and got involved into many more diverse activities.

Today, besides his musical career, Boy George is also known as a DJ, book writer, photographer and clothing designer. Therefore, all of these mentioned involvements have also added up to the current size of Boy George net worth.

Boy George involvement into music started when he was noticed by Malcolm McLaren, who is a music producer, and he was fascinated by Boy George’s clothing style at first and decided that he would look great in a band called “Bow Wow Wow”. However, there arose many problems between Boy George and the leading singer of the band. It is also worth mentioning that at that time Boy George was going by another nickname, Lieutenant Lush.

Finally, after many arguments, Boy George decided to leave the band and founded his own. They were joined by some other people soon and the band decided to call themselves “Culture Club”. Thus, it was because of his involvement into this band that Boy George became known to bigger audiences. The band was signed to two record labels – Epic Records, which organized the band’s work in the United States, and Virgin Records, which managed their career in the United Kingdom.

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