Brad Pitt net worth

Brad Pitt net worth

Net Worth: $200 Million

About Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt net worth

One of the richest and most popular actors in Hollywood is considered to be Brad Pitt. It has been reported that the overall amount of Brad Pitt net worth reaches 200 million dollars. In addition to being a very successful actor, Brad Pitt is also involved into behind the scenes and is known as a film producer, which is another important source of Brad Pitt net worth.

Brad Pitt was raised in Springfield, Missouri. Brad Pitt was also a student of the University of Missouri. However, several weeks prior to his graduation, Brad Pitt moved to Los Angeles in order to seek for career in Hollywood as an actor, which today brings millions of dollars to the overall amount of Brad Pitt net worth.
His first appearances in the cinema industry were minor roles and some guest performances and only later he was casted in the TV show “Thelma and Louise” and appeared in an award-winning movie called “A River Runs Through It”. To a lot of people, Brad Pitt is still remembered as an actor, who appeared in a successful movie called “Seven”. The movie grossed 327 million dollars in the office box on an international level.

His next film was “Twelve Monkeys”, for which Brad Pitt was awarded with the Academy Award and a Golden Globe.

Brad Pitt is known as getting involved into the characters he performs a lot. Because of the roles which he had to portray, Brad Pitt was eager to learn certain accents as well as spend time in the boxing ring and go to the Alps. Other movies which added fame and financial success to the total amount of Brad Pitt net worth include “Troy”, “Ocean’s Eleven”, “Babel”, which is the highest grossing movie of the actor, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, for which Brad Pitt received the nomination of SAGA. These movies also increased the overall amount of Brad Pitt net worth a lot.

Talking about him as a producer, he has his own production company which is called “Plan B Entertainment” and which was founded together with his wife at that time, Jennifer Aniston. The production company collaborated in making movies such as “The Departed” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. Thus, producing is another important source of the net worth of Brad Pitt. Moreover, Brad Pitt is also known as a humanitarian, who is involved into various organizations and charities, such as the ONE Campaign and Jolie-Pitt Foundation, which is established together with his current wife, Angelina Jolie.

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