Brent Barry net worth

Brent Barry net worth

Net Worth: $20 Million

About Brent Barry

Brent Barry net worth

Brent Barry is a popular person in the sports industry. He is a professional basketball player but right now he is retired from playing this sport professionally. However, being a basketball player has added up a lot of revenues to the total estimate of Brent Barry net worth, which has been stated to reach 20 million dollars, in addition to making him popular. Brent Barry’s father was also a player in the NBA, named Rick Barry.
Brent Barry was usually playing as a shooting guard. As a player with the San Antonio Spurs, Brent Barry became a winner of two championships in the NBA. In addition, he won the 1996 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. When he retired, Brent Barry became a commentator and this career has also increased the total amount of Brent Barry net worth. Currently, he is a sports commentator for “NBA on TNT”. Moreover, he is a host of “NBA Gametime” on NBA TV.
He was born in 1971 in New York. Brent Barry was studying at De La Salle High School in Concord, California, where he also played basketball. Then, he entered Oregon State University, where he played with the Beavers team for four years.

In 1995, he became a graduate of this institution and earned his BA degree in sociology. In the period of 1998-2011, Brent Barry was married to Erin Barry, with who he has two kids.
In 1995, he began his professional basketball career when he was chosen as the 15th overall pick by the Denver Nuggets in the NBA Draft. However, he was soon traded to the Los Angeles Clippers. With the team, he became the leading three-point shooter. He was able to play as a shooting guard, point guard and small forward. He stayed with the Los Angeles Clippers until 1998 and in that year, he signed a contract with the Miami Heat. However, with this team, Brent Barry played in only 17 games.
One year later, the basketball player signed a contract with the Chicago Bulls, which was stated to be worth 27 million dollars and last for six years. In that year, Brent Barry played in 37 games. His appearances with the team made him even more known and also added up to the total size of Brent Barry net worth.
In the period of 1999-2004, he was playing with the Seattle SuperSonics. In 2004, he became a free agent and signed as such with the San Antonio Spurs. He appeared with this team for four years. In 2008, Brent Barry signed a contract with the Houston Rockets. It was his last team in the NBA. In fact, his father also finished his NBA career as a member of the Houston Rockets. Thus, all of these teams have also increased the total sum of Brent Barry net worth.
When he retired, he began to appear on TV screens. In 2013, he became a regular face on NBA TV, where he had his own segment called “The Bone Zone” in the program called “The Starters”.

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