Brian Mcknight net worth

Brian Mcknight net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Brian Mcknight

Brian Mcknight net worth

It has been announced that the overall amount of Brian McKnight net worth reaches 10 million dollars. Brian McKnight has earned his net worth as well as fame because of his involvement into music. He is known as a singer, songwriter as well as a record producer.

He was born in Buffalo, New York, in 1969. Like a lot of musicians, Brian McKnight got interested into music more and more when he joined a local church choir. In the 1990s, Brian McKnight’s brother created a band called “Take 6”. The band got an opportunity to get signed to Warner Brothers Records.

When Brian McKnight was 19 years old, he decided to be like his brother – that is, to become a musician. Therefore, he started sending his demo tapes to many record labels across the country till he was finally picked up by Mercury Records. In 1992, the debut album of his was released, called “Brian McKnight”. The album sold more than 1 million copies and such sales also added up a lot to the total sum of Brian McKnight net worth. In the period of 1995-2013, the musician managed to release 12 studio albums.

In 1999, he released his most successful album called “Back at One”.

More than 3 million copies of this album were sold internationally and of course such sales have added up a lot to the overall size of Brian McKnight net worth. Up to this day, it is also known that more than 6 million copies of his albums have been sold on an international scale.

In 2014, Brian McKnight got involved into some legal problems, however, not made by him. He became a victim of a large scale fraud, which was perpetrated by his accountant named Veron Brown. Today Brian McKnight is known to be suing his accountant for not paying his taxes for 10 years, which resulted into him being in debt for 1.5 million dollars. Therefore, in addition to his success in music, in recent years he has suffered legal troubles.

His involvement into music industry has been awarded with 16 Grammy nominations. However, he has never become a winner of any of them. Thus, he is one of those musicians who have been nominated for Grammies a lot of times, but has never won it, and he is in the first place of this list, together with Snoop Dogg. Nevertheless, music has increased a lot Brian McKnight net worth.

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