Brody Jenner net worth

Brody Jenner net worth

Net Worth: $6 Million

About Brody Jenner

Brody Jenner net worth

Brody Jenner is a former reality show star ant television personality form the United States. He rose to prominence in 2005, when his reality series The Prince of Malibu were first aired on television. He also appeared on numerous episodes of The Hills, another reality show aired on MTV. Brody Jenner net worth is currently estimated at $6 million.

Brody was born in 1983, in a family of Bruce Jenner and Linda Thompson. His father is a famous American motivational speaker, field ant track gold winner at the Montreal Summer Olympics, television personality, businessman and socialite. Following his victory in the Olympics Bruce appeared in several movies and has not disappeared from the screens ever since. His current fortunes are way bigger than Brody Jenner net worth. His father currently owns assets worth $100 million. In 1991 Bruce married Kristen Kardashian (now Kristen Jenner), a famous socialite, author and television personality. As you have probably realized, this makes Brody a stepbrother of the famous Kardashian siblings- Kourtney, Robert, Khloe and of course Kim Kardashian.

For those who don’t know, Kim is a famous American actress and television personality, better known for her astonishing looks than for any of her talents.

In 2006 Kim became a subject of an ugly scandal, after the sex-type featuring Kim went public. The scandal resulted in a starlet receiving $5 million compensation. Kim rose to the fame along with the rest of the family in 2007, when E! television started broadcasting reality show entitled Keep Up with the Kardashians.

She later appeared on spin-off series Kourtney and Kim Take Miami and Kourtney and Kim Take New York. His famous step-sister’s fortunes are also significantly superior to Brody Jenner net worth. Kim owns assets worth approximately $40 million and receives $80 thousand salary for each of the episodes of the show. Kardashian siblings are not the only stars in Brody’s extended family. His half-brothers Kendall and Kyle are also teenage heroes and reality show stars.

After appearing on reality show The Prince of Malibu Brody featured on The Hills. His role on this show was simply being himself- visiting the hottest clubs in the city and chasing skirts from the East Cost to the West. In 2009 Bruce started filming in his own reality show entitled Bromance. Brody was both the epicenter of the project and an Executive director of the show. One more source of Brody Jenner net worth is modeling. In 2000s he appeared on various ads for Guess, OP, Agent Provocateur and Cosmogirl. Although at the moment Brody can call himself a star and socialite, his career prospects are not particularly bright. It’s about time Brody uncovers some other talent than hitting on hot girls, otherwise it won’t be long before his fortunes fade away.

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