Bruce Buffer net worth

Bruce Buffer net worth

Net Worth: $2 Million

About Bruce Buffer

Bruce Buffer net worth

It has been claimed that the total estimate of the current Bruce Buffer net worth reaches 2 million dollars. As being involved into mixed martial arts, it is also known that for one fight he is receiving 30 thousand dollars and of course such sum of money has also increased the overall size of Bruce Buffer net worth. Today, he is mostly known as an UFC Announcer. Also, currently he is working as an announcer for Zuffa events. Bruce Buffer got the nickname of the Veteran Voice of the Octagon, as well.

Bruce Buffer is also known as a businessman as he founded the company known as The Buffer Partnership where he teamed up with his relative, who is also involved into mixed martial arts, Michael Buffer. In this company, Bruce Buffer is working as a CEO and the president. Thus, this company has also served as one of the main sources of Bruce Buffer net worth. He as well as Michael Buffer are also related to Johnny Buff, who was a boxer, too. Thus it seems that many members of his family have been involved into this kind of sports.

Bruce Buffer was born in Oklahoma in 1957. In addition to his work on the ring, Bruce Buffer is also known from radio, where he hosts his show called “It’s Time”.

In this show, Bruce Buffer is giving interviews with people who are involved into mixed martial arts. Thus, the show also served as an important source of accumulating Bruce Buffer net worth. Moreover, in this show he not only interviews people from the mixed martial arts world, but also answers questions from the listeners of the show, who can call to the studio. In this show, he is joined by Tj DeSantis.

Bruce Buffer is also known for some catchphrases, which he uses while announcing events or just talking, such as “Ladies and gentlemen, we are live” and “This is the main event of the evening, which you were waiting for”. He is also known for his movement called “Buffer 180”. However, he shows it only in the most important events. In addition, another move for which he is also well known is called “Buffer Bow”. This move was created especially for Randy Couture. Thus, Bruce Buffer is known for quite a lot of things in the mixed martial arts world and this involvement has also made him a financial and commercial success.

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bruce buffer net worth bruce buffer net worth bruce buffer net worth

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