Bruce Springsteen net worth

Bruce Springsteen net worth

Net Worth: $200 Million

About Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen net worth

Bruce Springsteen, full name Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen, is an American multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter, currently recording and touring with E Street Band. Springsteen’s music is characterized by poetic lyrics, energy, American and to be more specific- New Jersey sentiments. During his lengthy career Bruce’s style of music varied, swinging from commercially accessible heartland rock to more folk-oriented songs and albums. Bruce Springsteen net worth is currently estimated at $200 million.

Bruce was born in New Jersey in 1948. His father’s family originated from Netherlands and Bruce’s last name can be literaly translated from Dutch as the “jumping stone”. His mother Adele Ann was the only bread-winner in the family. She wished that her boy would not have to live in such deprivation for the rest of his life and tried to five him a better education. When Bruce came of the right age, she sent him to the Catholic school, but the boy was at the constant spats with the nuns and eventually she had to draw him back. Since the ninth grade Bruce attended Freehold Regional High School but did not feel like he fits there either.

His teachers saw Bruce as a loner, who always used to choose his guitar over his peers.

Looking at the current Bruce Springsteen net worth, playing guitar instead of hanging out with the classmates, does not seem such a bad choice. Springsteen disliked the school so much that he chose not to go to his own graduation ceremony and skipped the ball. After school Bruce enrolled into the Ocean Country College but did not last there for long. Although he did not achieve any higher education his mother’s dreams came true. Not only he did not have to live in the same deprivation as his parents, Bruce Springsteen net worth growth exceeded all her expectations.

Bruce started his professional career in 60s, performing in various New Jersey clubs. For a short period he played with a trio Earth and latter switched to the band Steel Mill. In 1972 Springsteen released his debut album, entitled Greetings form Asbury Park, N.J.. It featured the songs like “Blinded by the Light” and “For You”. Although the album was received with the highest critical evaluations, it did not attract much attention from the mainstream audience. The breakthrough in his career came after the release of the third album Born to Run.

Following his grandiose performance in Bottom Line Club the album reached the U.S. Billboard No. 3 and the singles “Thunder Road”, “Jungleland”, “Tenth Avenue Freeze Out” and of course “Born to Run” were playd on the radio a several times per day. The release of this album was a watershed event, after which Bruce Springsteen net worth started to grow at the remarkable rates.

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