Bryan Ferry net worth

Bryan Ferry net worth

Net Worth: $50 Million

About Bryan Ferry

Bryan Ferry net worth

Bryan Ferry is a well known name in music industry. It has been stated that the current size of Bryan Ferry net worth reaches 50 million dollars, which also makes him one of the richest musicians. He has accumulated his high wealth because of his work as a songwriter and singer. The musician was born in 1945 in Washington, Tyne and Wear. Bryan Ferry has influenced many generations with his unique music style.
He became mostly known when he began to perform with the glam art rock group called Roxy Music. In addition to being the leading vocalist of the band, he was also the main songwriter. Thus, his work with the group has added up a lot of revenues to the total amount of Bryan Ferry net worth. Three albums of the band landed in the 1st place in charts. In the period of 1972-1982, ten singles of the group landed in the top spot in charts in the United Kingdom. The examples of these singles include “More Than This”, “Virginia Plain”, “Jealous Guy”, “Street Life”, “Oh Yeah”, “Love is the Drug”, “Over You”, “Angel Eyes” and “Dance Away”. Therefore, the sales of these singles have also added up to the overall sum of Bryan Ferry net worth.

In addition to his work with the group, Bryan Ferry started his solo career in 1973. As a solo singer, he has released quite a few successful songs, such as “This Is Tomorrow”, “Let’s Stick Together” and “A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall”. Thus, his solo work has served as another important source of increasing the current amount of Bryan Ferry net worth. When Roxy Music disbanded, Bryan Ferry focused on his solo work more. Then, he released singles called “Don’t Stop the Dance” and “Slave to Love”.
In addition to being a singer, Bryan Ferry has written many songs. Bryan Ferry has performed cover songs by other artists, too. In 1973, he released an album called “These Foolish Things”. One year later, another album of his was released, called “Another Time, Another Place”. In 1999, Bryan Ferry released “As Time Goes By”. More than 30 million of his records have been sold internationally as a solo act as well as a member of Roxy Music. Thus, these sales have also added up to the total amount of Bryan Ferry net worth.
The musician was raised in a working class family. He was a student at Washington Grammar-Technical School. In the period of 1964-1968, Bryan Ferry was studying at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, where he attended fine arts lessons. At university, he played with the student group called the City Blues. Then, he began to give lessons of pottery at Holland Park School in London. Bryan Ferry created the group called The Banshees. Later, he founded another one, called The Gas Board. In 1968, he settled in London, where he wanted to start a career in music, which eventually became the main source of his fame as well as of increasing his financial status.

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