Bud Adams net worth

Bud Adams net worth

Net Worth: $1.1 Million

About Bud Adams

Bud Adams net worth

It has been reported that the total size of the current Bud Adams net worth is as much as 1.1 billion dollars, which also makes him one of the richest people in the world. Bud Adams became a success when he started his career in business. Currently, he is known as the owner of the team called the Tennessee Titans, which is also regarded as one of the main sources of Bud Adams net worth. Before he got involved into this business Bud Adams was a well known oil magnate and this career is also the one that has started to add huge sums of money to Bud Adams net worth.

However, his interest into owning sport teams also began quite early, as in 1959 he tried to buy the Chicago Cardinals team. He wanted to do so that he could move this team into his hometown of Houston. However, this attempt was not successful. Thus, Bud Adams teamed with Lamar Hunt, who was also involved into oil business, and the duo decided to start their own football league. This league today is known as the American Football League, and it is a part of the NFL. Thus, this involvement made his name even more well known and also added up to the overall amount of Bud Adams net worth.

Today, Bud Adams is mostly known as the owner of the previously mentioned team the Tennessee Titans, which was also known as the Tennessee Oilers. However, Bud Adams has also received a lot of controversy. For example, in 2009 when he showed an inappropriate gesture during on game of his team Bud Adams was fined by the NFL. In addition to his ownership of the mentioned team, Bud Adams also served as an owner of some other teams, such as the Houston Mavericks, the Tennessee Oilers, the Houston Oilers, the Nashville Kats and some others, and these teams also added up to the total estimate of Bud Adams net worth. In 1999, he became the owner of the Tennessee Titans.

In addition to being a well known businessman in sports field he is also known for his activities in other spheres. As it has been mentioned, Bud Adams belonged to the oil industry and as such he worked in the Adams Resources & Energy Inc., where he was the CEO and the chairman. The company is known as a provider of oil and natural gas.

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