Bun B net worth

Bun B net worth

Net Worth: $2.5 Million

About Bun B

Bun B net worth

It has been announced that Bun B net worth reaches a sum of 2.5 million dollars. Bun B has accumulated his net worth through being a successful rapper. He is mostly known as a member of a hip hop band called “UGK”. However, not a lot of people know the fact that Bun B is also a lecturer at Rice University in Houston, where he is teaching students about Hip Hop and Religion. This position also has added a lot to the total amount of Bun B net worth.

Bun B whose real name is Bernard Freeman was born in 1973. Before Bun B joined “UGK”, he was performing with another band called “P. A. Militia”, where he was joined by his friend Jalon Jackson. However, people, who were at that time members of “UGK” soon joined “P. A. Militia” and the joined band was called “4 Black Ministers”. However, Jalon Jackson and Mitchell Queen, who was a member of “UGK”, left “4 Black Ministers”.

Bun B and another member of “UGK”, Pimp C, decided to stay in music and therefore, they chose the name “UGK” to be the title of their duo. The duo was noticed by people from Bigtyme Records.

Under this label, ‘UGK” released an extended play, which was titled “The Southern Way”. Also, this play was the one, which caught the attention of people from another label called Jive Records.
Also, it is worth mentioning that the duo soon started to record their first album called “Too Hard to Swallow”, and the songs of the album included a lot of taboo themes as well as explicit material. Therefore, before this album was released, the duo released an extended play called “Banned”, which was released under Bigtyme Records. This extended play included all the material which was too risky for their debut album “Too Hard to Swallow”.

The song titled “Pocket Full of Stones” became a massive hit in the United States and it placed well in the charts as well as was played in radio stations all across the country. Thus, this song not only added popularity to the duo, but also increased Bun B net worth. In 1994, another album of “UGK” was released, which was called “Super Tight…” Two years later, the duo’s third album was released, which was called “Ridin’ Dirty”. The sales of these two albums also increased the total sum of Bun B net worth.

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