Burt Reynolds net worth

Burt Reynolds net worth

Net Worth: $20 Million

About Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds net worth

It has been claimed that the overall estimate of Burt Reynolds net worth reaches 20 million dollars. He has accumulated his net worth through his careers as an actor and director. In addition, he is also known as a voice artist, which is another important source of Burt Reynolds net worth. Talking about him as an actor, he started to gain attention in 1970s and 1980s, when he appeared in films, such as “The Longest Yard”, “Deliverance” and “Smokey and the Bandit”. Since his first appearances in these years, Burt Reynolds continued to appear in films and TV series, including “Without a Paddle”, “Boogie Nights” and “Burn Notice”. These appearances increased a lot the total amount of Burt Reynolds net worth.

Burt Reynolds was born in Michigan in 1936. In 1946, his family and Burt Reynolds moved to live to Florida. Previously, they were living in a couple of other states because of his father being involved into the United States Army. However, after he finished high school, Burt Reynolds did not think at all that acting would become his main career, instead, he saw it only as a free time activity.

He was working in Hyde Park during one summer, when he got an agent. He helped him a lot in appearing in various performances in Neighborhood Playhouse in New York. He got a lot of positive reviews because of his appearance there and he was touring with a cast of the production called “Tea and Sympathy”. When the tour was finished, Burt Reynolds came back to New York and decided to enroll into acting classes. He attended acting classes with people, who are also known today in the cinema industry, including Red Buttons, Frank Gifford, Jan Murray and Carol Lawrence.

One of the first productions in which he appeared after these classes was “Mister Roberts”, where he appeared with Charlton Heston. Later, he even was advised to go to Hollywood, however, Burt Reynolds did not feel so confident at that time and he postponed his trip there.

During this time, when he was waiting for more profitable acting opportunities, he was working a couple of odd jobs, such as washing dishes and driving a truck. One of the first TV series in which he appeared was in “Riverboat”, which was broadcasted on the NBC channel. Thus, his path to acting started and it added a lot of success to Burt Reynolds net worth, as well.

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